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Favorite Point Level?

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Honestly depends on the opponent and the depth of understanding which one has of the rules. With a good opponent a 4 hour game is great, with a not so fun opponent a 1/2 hour game is too long. (Luckily the WOW crowd is the former.) If you don't have the rules down and are dragging out the rule/army book every 5 minutes any point level turns into hours.


I honestly need more larger games to give a solid answer but I believe 3k-3 1/2k seems about the good fit if you have the time to spare and rules down.

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2500-3k games are usually what i like.  but small games are also pretty fun.  also depends on what race you play as well.  TnT and team games are a blast but take longer.  i think my favorite game i ever played was a 3k each(so 6k on one side) team game.  strangely i was paired with an OnG player and we brought the fluffy-est things ever(like the dwarf high king, who is terrible for his points...).  as ML said though, i think its your opponent that's the most important part rather than points.  also your expectations from the game.  if you are expecting to have a fluff silly game and you play an opponent with a power list, yea not so fun and vice versa.  being on the same page is important :)

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Played 6k, WoC v Ogres and loved every minute of it...of course, part of that was for the very OPPOSITE reasons stated above. I WANT to use all those expensive models I bought and labored for hours assembling, painting, etc. Throwing out a shaggoth, the dragon ogres, multiple knights units...it was fantastic. At the same time, it did take longer than the more typical 2800 points.


Upshot is, the "have to make tough choices" part, for those of us who HATE building lists, is a real strike AGAINST the smaller games.



Further note; if we go back to the hero-hammer from back in the day when a Bret army could be lord on dragon, grail knights...and steamroll everything, then my favorite points level goes to...I don't know, zero?

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