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Green stuff drying too slow?

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I made a weapon last night and the green stuff still seems to be flexible. I grant that the piece, a melta gun, is tiny but should it be as bendable as it is or should it be harder when it's dry?

Green stuff is supposed to be like that when dry. "Black" stuff is the route if trying to make harder items.

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Is that like the instant putty that cool mini or not sells?

not sure.


All the listed are different types of modeling epoxy putty. The colors reference the color the product is after mixing it.


I'll note that the linked brown stuff is similar to the black stuff I was suggesting, though that brown stuff is for finer detail work.


I enjoy this stuff: http://www.amazon.com/Milliput-Medium-2-Part-Hardening-Putty/dp/B002CSX7Z8

Box is more expensive, but it comes in a much larger quantity and isn't as sticky when working with it. When dry, it will be about as hard as the plastic model, possibly a bit tougher. As it isn't as sticky, you may need to wait for it to dry, pull it off, then glue it in place. This does mean that if you screw up, it's very easy to try again.

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