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Canadian riflemen how does it look? Any Advice?


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I like that you selected three core infantry platoons ... that gives you more flexibility and durability for your core force. The list looks good ... but here are my two cents. Just a small tweak, I would consider dropping the 6 pounders (since you have a full set of 17 pounders) in favor of a fast moving scout unit. Either armored cars or bren carriers. Scouts like these are very useful in allot of ways and the current scout rules make them a potent unit. Also, do your rocket launchers do smoke at all? That would be a good option to have when you are looking at artillery. Especially for an infantry company's to have some options to do smoke ... is always a plus.

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I would say that you have "some" flexibility in that you have three platoons of infantry. Two to hold objectives and one to act as a ready reserve or go on the attack. Not all infantry company's have three core platoons. German's really struggle to fit three in due to cost. Having three, I see as an advantage. As for the universal carriers, I would put HMG's on them if you can, piat's IMHO are not very effective. HMG's allow your scouts to chew up light armored and unarmored vehicles, infantry (pinning them) and rear units like mortars and artillery can all be effected from range. 

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