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Dark Severance

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I am still waiting for my Scifi Terrain which should hopefully arrive before it closes. Everyone in the US is still waiting but it was already delivered to the UK and the results are pretty good. I can't wait to start setting up my bunkers and corridors. They are doing another Kickstarter for Fantasy system which I am pledged in for, depending on my scifi will determine how much more I get. Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to get together for an order to reduce overall shipping costs, there are still a few 8x Dungeon packages remaining.


Dungeon Pledge:





Examples of setups:







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Add-on's have shipping already calculated in them. The only shipping paid is for the main pledge and the more people in the pool, the cheaper the shipping is (since its split amongst players). For example I have an EB Dungeon 4x and a EB 2x but not sure if I'm keeping them both. I am hoping to have my Scifi pledge before it closes so I have a better idea of which direction I want to go.


EB Dungeon 2: 238.38 + 58.78 = 297.16

EB Dungeon 4: 493.09 + 58.78 = 551.87

Dungeon 8: 953.53 + 94.70 = 1048.23

Add-on Dungeon: 143.68


For example if another person was interested in a Dungeon 4, then we would go in for a Dungeon 8, making it 524.12 a piece. That saves each of us 27.75. Doesn't seem like a lot but that also means more add-ons or simply saving it. If there were 4 people that were only interested in Dungeon 2, normally it would be 280.83. If they went in for the Dungeon 8 together then it is 262.06 a person, each person saving 18.77. Two people going into a Dungeon 4 together saves 20.72. Again sure it is a small savings but each Dungeon pledge includes all stretch goals and ultimately that means more add-ons or savings. For me I would probably use the savings for add-ons as that gets me 2-4 additional add-ons.

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Hello there,


Thank you... math hurts.


So to paraphrase:


If we went in on an 8x dungeon, I pay for a 4x dungeon price-wise but am getting a close-to-$30-savings and due to all the extra "free stuff" (the stretch goals) you're really saving a grip because all of those stretch goals would cost a lot?  That about right?


Sorry, I'm not in the running for Kickstarter whiz... my apologies.


If one buys a dungeon you get the add-on at the top plus stretch goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 for free.  But if we buy the 8x dungeon then you're getting tons of those stretch goals so you're getting more bang for your buck?  And they are adding additional stretch goals (i.e. "free stuff") as this continues?


Again, thanks for your patience and my apologies.


I'm obviously interested.



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Sorry got distracted and forgot about this thread.


Each Dungeon pledge gets free stretch goals. So if you bought 1x Dungeon, you get 1x the stretch goals. If you bought the 4x Dungeon, you get 4x the stretch goals. If you bought the 8x Dungeon then you get 8x the stretch goals. There is no real benefit for buying more in a group, other than saving money for shipping. Every little bit helps considering the currency conversion. 


I've been waiting for the next Stretch Goal which was announced, which is an add-on, but they always throw more free stuff each unlock... castle walls. These images are made with 1x Dungeon and 1x Fortress Add-on.







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