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Imperial Knight Advice


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So I've decided not to loot the Knight kit I have and slow build a knight army.  I'm going for a mixed force of Knights and "Household Troops" (Scions most likely).


I figure as it's a costly kit I'll go the full magnetization route, and do subassemblies for painting.  I ordered the House Terryn upgrade kit as well.  May as well go all in I figure.


Do any current knight owners have any advice on building this big manly model? Any pitfalls or regrets?


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If you are going lancer style from my understanding he is a much larger kit. All of these are going to be expert level builds if you want some pose ability. I highly recommend a dreamforge guy as they actual metal screws that allow for solid posing before committing to glue. Have more gun options than GW and have good analogs as well. So cool and about lancer height from my understanding.




If you want any pics with specific weapons mounted can do that! I have both body types and multiple of all the weapons.



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