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W: TK, SW, DE -- H: Nids, Sal-SM, various

Brother Glacius

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So might as well just try some general trades.



Looking for signature TK units like the cool monsters, the snake dudes, catapults, elite infantry, chariots, and characters.



Looking for characters, new dread, wolves, cav, new flier, long fangs....I have two sets of stormclaws, so probably pretty good with terms, might be able to use more infantry. I could use the codex too.


DE (dark eldar):

Looking for a small army collection. Here are the models I like:

raiders, ravagers, venoms, reavers, talos/cronos, incubi, mandrakes, wyches, warriors, scourges and hellions. The fight is okay too I guess. I'm not really into the wracks or other flesh stitching units.


Firestorm Armada:

Also looking for a new patrol fleet for Aquans. Might consider other new ships as well.


For trade, I have a sizable nid collection. Details are elsewhere in this forum. No finecast by the way.


I am getting rid of my salamanders in favor of the space wolves. I have infantry, old metal terms, painted rhino with FW doors, FW rhino door set, new AA rhino and various other stuff. I need to take inventory actually, but no harm in asking.

Update: 40ish marines - variety of heavy weapons, some special, bolters plenty

5 metal scouts with various weapons

3 bikes

4 attack bikes plus extra sidecar

old whirlwind (nib)

new AA tank NIB

ven dread

thunderfire cannon w/ techmarine

techmarine with servitors

librarian on bike

librarian on foot

5-7 terms, various weapons



I also have a large Prussian army for Dystopian Wars...lots of boats, several air carriers, some scout blimps, a land force, and bunkers.


I also have rackham behemoth orcs and dragon dice. Also have some CCGs just lying around...Star Wars, Jihad, and a Werewolf game.


If you have something I want and are willing to trade, but don't see anything you want, please PM me with options. I have a large collection and have it and be willing to trade it.

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Well I finally came to a bit of a decision. I don't want my Tomb kings any more. I have a sizable collection and would be interested in ditching all of it. Those salamanders seem tempting, always need more Marines with bolters and other wise. Don't really like the posting back and forth thing maybe bring the thing to ofcc and discuss trade? This is a 7th edition list never converted it over so they are older but I have some chariots and a converted bone giant (used the bottom half of the old marauder giant with the metal bone giant up top). This was an ofcc army back when I played fantasy so it was loved but not too fancy. Let me know if you're interested sir.

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