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power fist vs. thunder hammer


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If choice is free, thunderhammer is better. Hammer is just a concussive fist.


In terms of paying the 5pts, melta bombs are probably a better use of those 5pts for S4 characters, as AV14 often get's to laugh at power fists and hammers. Or just save for the rest of the army.


That said, if concussive adds 5pts of value to the unit that the character is attached, it can be well worth it. It matters against MCs, where the unit has lower/equal initiative than the MC and the character can't kill the MC in a single round. A Wraithknight (I:5), in example, being assailed by the character with hammer and a unit with krak/melta bombs is a great example of where the 5pts for concussive would be valued.

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Old thunderhammer was better. Used to include the automatic shaken result for vehicles hit, didn't have to damage them, just hit them. Mind you, this is back when a cruising speed vehicle requires 6s to hit in melee, but it was still a pretty awesome rule. It did this in addition to the effect on non-vehicles, so it was a much less contextual weapon.


I do think the Thunderwolf lord, with their S5 being doubled, makes the need for concussive much less as your much more likely to kill outright. The thunder-hammer shines over the fist when you don't kill them, but instead force them to strike simultaneously for the next few rounds.


I will note that the concussive rule does affect other rules, like hit 'n' run and blind. It makes them initiative 1, which means they will probably fail any initiative tests you call them to make.


Imperial guard, and other low intiative armies, would probably get more value from thunderhammers. Necrons, in particular, would be disturbing of their lords or crypteks had thunderhammer access....

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Yeah, usually you either mulch them or go first anyways.  They do look sooooo much cooler though.

This is a very worthwhile point, and is honestly the main reason he has a Thunder Hammer instead of a PowerFist. I wouldn't do it all across the Army, but on one HQ in a 1500-2K list, I'm willing to spend 5 Points for him to look that much more badass :D

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