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Battle Report from 09-09-2014


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+ + + TRANSMITTED:  vessel "Monarch of Shalli"
+ + + RECEIVED:  vessel "Astral Star"
+ + + DESTINATION:  Classified 
+ + + DATE:  5997999.M41

+ + + TELEPATHIC DUCT:  Astropath K'Goni
+ + + REF:  CF/2340981404-319128413-0/AA
+ + + AUTHOR:  Ensign Riffost
+ + + SUBJECT:  Incursion detected - New Callisto
+ + + THOUGHT:  The One Hope For The Doomed Is Not To Hope For Safety





Following on the intelligence gathered from the reconnaissance force deployed to New Callisto (REF: A12343488, attached) a beachhead was established and aggressive scouting commenced.  An attack force of 2nd Company forces bolstered by battle company escort vectored to the coordinates obtained by +++ SECURITY VERMILLION / ACCESS DENIED +++    A high-orbit scan was initiated when security protocol alerts engaged at approximately hour four at location 292340.Q4.


The high-orbit scan showed that the attack force had been engaged by numerous hostiles which appear to be Warp-born.  Initial casualties for the attack force appear to be hovering at the 35% mark and are detailed based upon pre-deployment combat logs:



Codicier Arkiald and 1 command squad (4), 2nd Company mounted on bikes - ONE CASUALTY, ENGAGED IN COMBAT

Tactical squad Alpha (11), Sergeant Harra, 3rd Company.  2 combat squads in a Rhino transport - ONE CASUALTY, ENGAGED IN COMBAT

Tactical squad Bravo (11), Sergeant Stine, 3rd Company.  2 combat squads in a Rhino transport - THREE CASUALTIES, ENGAGED IN COMBAT

Scout squad (5), Sergeant Nichua, 10th Company, MOVING TO OBJECTIVE

Ravenwing attack squadron (8), Sergeant Thite, 2nd Company - FIVE CASUALTIES (bikes), TYPHOON DESTROYED, INITIATING DEATH CHARGE

Ravenwing Knights squad (6), Sergeant Howils, 2nd Company  - SQUAD DESTROYED

Ravenwing support squadron (5), 2nd Company - TYPHOON DESTROYED, INITIATING STRAFING RUN

Predator Annihilator (1), Armory, TARGETING

Predator Destructor (1), Armory, TARGETING





Short-burst transmissions from the attack force indicates an ambush and disruption of scanning equipment could have enabled the enemy to achieve surprise.  Standard evasion / movement to contact dispersal pattern on right flank appears to have occurred, with heavy losses being sustained in the initial rounds of the engagement.  The foul forces of Nurgle (REF: G1239481, attached) consisted of approximately the following (errors due to high-orbit scan):


1 lord of Nurgle - PREPARING TO CHARGE

1 Chaos lord with a pack of spawn of some kind - SPAWN DESTROYED, LORD ENGAGED IN COMBAT

1 flying monstrosity - DESTROYED

a small bike squad - TWO REMAIN

2 Plaguebearer squads - ONE DESTROYED, ONE MOVING

2 squads of Plague Marines, mounted in Rhinos - ONE FULL STRENGTH, ONE HEAVILY DAMAGED

3 pesilent giant flies with riders - DESTROYED

1 daemonic entity (soul grinder, REF: Q12394038, attached) - DAMAGED







The forces of Nurgle spread out and immediately began to move.  Evasive / movement to contact formation established by our forces on the right flank.  Minimal engagement in this first round with the opposing force appearing to be moving to secure three items of unknown origin on the landscape.



The right flank forces inflicted heavy losses to the enemy on their first strafing run, utilizing the Standard for maximum bolter fire.  The apparent successes were not celebrated long, however as the trap was sprung and some kind of flying monstrosity appeared and belched all manner of filth and decay over the assault squad, killing all but Sergeant Thite.  The scout squad moving through the ruins targeted a unit of approaching plaguebearers and started to fire at will, their concealed locations compromised.  Both tactical squads swung to the right flank as well, attempting to maximize their speed advantage over the lumbering forces of Nurgle.  The timely arrival of the Ravenwing support squad sent the flying monstrosity screaming back to the Warp and the support squad immediately set about to hunt for other targets.



As the high-orbit scan passed from range, the battlefield appeared as such:


Left flank - the Predator Annihilator had just destroyed a Nurgle Rhino, which disgorged its 7 plague marine occupants.  A unit of plaguebearers had broken cover and were moving towards the first unknown item on the landscape.  The Predator Annihilator is unsupported but the two meltagun shots from the plague marines failed to damage it, so hit-and-run tactics will commence.


Center - the lord of Nurgle will most assuredly destroy the attack bike, the sole survivor of the attack squadron.  The attack bike's death charge towards the soul grinder was successful, however and prevented the daemon from moving or firing for a short time, greatly enhancing other units' survivability in the area.  The heavily-damaged plague marine squad is moving towards the second unknown item on the landscape.


Right flank - the Ravenwing support squadron is finishing a strafing run and will have a bevy of targets to choose from.  Two of the enemy's bikes are chasing the support squadron; the soul grinder's inability to move or fire may prove to be its undoing.  The four almost-full-strength combat squads and the scout squad are free to move and fire at targets of opportunity, greatly enhancing survivability for the remaining loyalist forces.  The command squad, Librarian and Sergeant Thite are all engaged with the Chaos Lord; a hit-and-run attack is most likely to occur and thus confidence is high that the Chaos Lord will fall.  In addition, two Rhino transports and the Predator Destructor all have firing solutions readied on the right flank and can move to the center to support efforts there.



Respectfully submitted,


Ensign Riffost











Had a great game, thank you Mr. Graham!  I would have loved to have seen the next two turns play out, as I think my ranged weapons would hopefully whittle away at your remaining forces and who knows, maybe with some luck I could negate the threat that the soul grinder presents and then I'd *really* like my chances!  ha ha ha!  That "no shoot, no move" would really make the next turn a very dramatic one!


Thanks again for being patient and hopefully you had a fun time.  I appreciate the chance to learn and again, thank you for your patience.  As I get more and more up-to-speed I'm sure that things will go quicker.


Stay safe,



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Love your battle report!


Yep, definitely a fun game. A lot could have swung in the last turns. I felt pretty good about being able to handle the landspeeders with 2 meltas and 2 plasmas while the soulgrinder recovered, and I think the odds might have been in my favor with our general battle. By then, however, you'd be able to remount into your rhino, and start working on contesting that middle objective. Sacrificing some marines to ol' Papa Nurgle is worth it if it gets you the victory. 


Looking forward to playing again sometime!


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