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[H] Chaos Marines, Orks, DV, BITZ, BITZ, BITZ [W] $$


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Hey guys and gals, got a bunch of random stuff to part with, need money for bills.

Make me an offer, maybe we can figure something out?



 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops, Remote Controlled RC-XD. Never played with, new in box. $45.

 1 XTerra Habitat for Reptiles, comes with tall terrarium case and tall black base with cupboard to hold supplies. In like new condition, want $100.

 5 Metal Meltaguns, new and unpainted. Make offers.
 2 Plastic Meltaguns, unpainted. Make offers.
 6 Random Space Marines. 4 Painted black, all bolters. $5.


 1 Chaos Space Marine Lord/Sorcerer in Terminator Armor, base coated Mephiston Red. $10
 6 Chaos Space Marine Terminators, base coated Mephiston Red with some silver details. all Storm Bolters except 1 Reaper Assault Cannon. $45.


 1 Stripped of paint Eldar Falcon Grav Tank. Unassembled, no cockpit bits and no base. $15


  2 Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Commanders, New on sprue. $5 each.
  2 Dark Vengeance Dark Angels Librarian. New on sprue. $7 each.
  1 Space Marine Statue Terrain piece, new in box, unpainted. $20


 6 New style Genestealers on sprue, unpainted. $12
 1 old metal Carnifex with Venom Cannon and scything talons [old one-eye?] $10
 5 Plastic Warriors, 2 with venom cannons. $17
 1 Metal Biovore with a few spore mines. $7
 1 Metal Lictor. $7
 1 Metal Zoenthrope, in need of repairs. $7
 1 Metal Hive Guard with lash whip and shield. $6
 23 Termagants, with spare bases. $15
 22 Hormagants, with spare bases. $15


 40 Ork boyz with sluggas and choppas. Bagged in sets of 10. Some minorly painted. 10 boyz: $12
 20 pairs of Ork Shootas and arms.
 5 Ork Big Shootas with backpacks.

 SEVERAL large BITZ BOXES of Fantasy and 40k bitz mostly 40k, come and look.

 Feel free to make me offers, I may say yes...



  In SE PDX on 82nd near Foster. Please be willing to come to me as I cannot travel currently.

  Thank you.


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