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[H]Skaven army for sale [W] cash or paypal


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just need to clean house and sell off some of my less used armies.


lots o little rats. lots of conversions and some unit fillers and everything is painted based and magnetized to the trays. I dont have everything photographed above but its all painted to the same standard and of course I wouldn't mind letting you take a look at all the models if you want just let me know when and where. if you ever play at the GW store the whole army was in the display case several months ago. id really like to sell it all together rather than piecemeal if i can. everything priced out new from GW is about $600 id be willing to part with it for $400 OBO. 


warlord with warlitter


deathmaster sknitch


ikit claw


grey seer on foot


grey seer on bell


plague priest


2 enginseers


1 BSB chieftain 


40 slaves


60 + clanrats with command

+variety of weapon teams


20 stormvermin with command


35 plague monks with command




warplightning cannon


plagueclaw catapult




6 rat ogres with handlers


6 gutter runners


plus everything is magnetized to the movement trays. ill even throw in the army book for free if you want it since skaven might be up for a new book sometime soonish.

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