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To oppose Antiochus: Help me decide!



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  1. 1. Which should be the next army in my Successors stable?

    • Republican Rome
    • Attalid Pergamum
    • The Parthian Empire
    • Galatian tribes
    • Ptolemaic Egypt

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I'm almost done with my 15mm Seleucids, so it's time to start thinking about their opposition. Of course, I can't decide these things on my own, so...


The options, as above are:
Republican Rome: The big boy on the block. You know 'em, you love 'em.

Attalid Pergamum: A city-state in western Anatolia that was independent for a while, then allied with the Romans, then became part of the Empire (when the last king willed it to Rome)

Parthian Empire: Horse nomads who conquered Persia, until they in turn fell to the Sassanids. Gave the Romans hell for centuries.

Galatians: Gauls who settled in central Anatolia

Ptolemaic Egypt: Another Successor Kingdom, eventually fell to Caesar Augustus.


So. Put your vote down! Whichever gets the most votes by the end of September is the one I'll go with.

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