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Aircraft in Bolt Action?


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Working my US army list and was wondering if players are using the Warplanes rules that were added to the game last spring?.


The rule set seems to be much more substantial than the Forward air observer rules but also seem to be much more powerful giving planes more attack opportunities each game.And how does the US army special rule work with them?..the one that allows then to call in 2 strikes when using the brb rules.


Im itching to build some 1/72nd scale warbirds after working with so many ground pounders,heh.

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It is my understanding that they weren't actually added to the game. They were how they were writing the game originally but then scrapped it in favor of the current system. I think they just put them out with the idea of "here is something cool to play around with if you want." They aren't errata or anything. Just something to toy with with your pals. Which is why there is no real answer to the US question. The US special rule is based off of the actual rules, whereas the airplanes were a different way of representing the same thing. Since the only time i could see the airplanes ever getting used is a friendly between you and your buddy, I would guess the answer about the US special rule would be to do whatever you like.


I have never seen anyone try them out or really express any interest in them and I can't imagine that really changing. That said, if you ever wanted to try them out, I would give it a go.

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