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- I am shocked not to find this here already.  Anyhow - My army is 95% complete and I have yet to get more than one game in of 7th ed 40k.  Anyone want to lead me thru what I don't know I don't know?  BTW- I did not play 6th ed.


-Eldar - wraithlist - 2000k looking for a game to learn on.  :)  -  



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hey - I thought you were a regular - and since I don't get down but once a year or so - sorry not to have introduced myself.  - hope you were not to bored :)  


Thanks for the game EB! - well fought draw - Thinking I should have assaulted your warlord and let the dice fall where they may.  Ahhh - next time.  Sad thing for me is I saw lots of little painting issues I must attend to this week lol.  Back to painting for me.  I think I have a pretty good handle on 7th now - I know at least were to look for the rules!  - also I know where my reading time needs to be focused.  I will see what I can do to streamline my play next time I get a chance.



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