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Look Out Sir Question


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Played a game on vassal last night and a question came up. 


If you do, say, 10 wounds to a unit with one type of weapon, and the closest model is a Character/IC, how do you determine how many wounds go onto the IC before or after they determine if they want to look out sir?  


Essentially, could you say, "I'm going to take 6 of these 10 wounds on the IC", and then roll 4 look out sirs?  Or, do you have to do each one, one at a time?  Or do you have to Look out Sir all of them or none of them?  


I don't think it's super clear, but we didn't want to bog down the game so pushed on.  


Anyway, I don't really have a horse in this race, just wondering what everyone thought.

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It's my understanding that it used to be more complicated. (i.e. in 6th, I believe once you stopped LOS, you couldn't come back to it.)


Now, this is what we have:


"Look Out, Sir and Shooting
When a Wound is allocated to one of your non-vehicle characters, and there is
another model from the same unit within 6", he is allowed a Look Out, Sir
attempt. This represents the character ducking back further into the unit,
holding a comrade in the line of fire, or being pushed aside by a selfless ally. If
no model is in range, then you cannot make a Look Out, Sir attempt.
To make a Look Out, Sir attempt, roll a D6.
• On a roll of 3 or less, the Look Out, Sir attempt fails.
• On a roll of 4+, the Look Out, Sir attempt is successful. Determine which
model in the unit is closest to the character, and allocate the Wound to that
model instead. This can even be a model that is out of range or line of sight of
the shooting attack.
If the unit only consists of characters, a Look Out, Sir attempt can still be
made, with the closest character within 6" taking the place of the erstwhile
victim if the roll is passed. Only one Look Out, Sir attempt can be made per
Wound allocated – once the Wound has been transferred (or not), no further
attempts to reallocate it can be made."


"Look Out, Sir and Assaults
As with shooting attacks, if a non-vehicle character has a Wound allocated to
him, and there is another model from the same unit within 6", he’s allowed a
Look Out, Sir attempt. This works exactly the same way as for shooting attacks.
However, a character who is fighting in a challenge (see below) cannot attempt
to make a Look Out, Sir attempt – it is a duel of honour and none can interfere."


So to answer your question...


Each time you allocate a wound to a character, you get to choose. So it appears, unlike 6th, you can pick and choose.

Ex: Five wounds are applied to the unit. You lookout sir the first two, take two on your character and lookout sir the fifth.

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You have to choose whether or not to LOS before each Save is rolled. This often does come down to rolling all of them one at a time, which ranges from obnoxious to a serious pain in the neck.


The Rule on Pg. 100 isn't as clear as it could be, but it does indicate that it happens between initial Allocation and actually rolling the Saves.


Even tho it mathematically works out the same either way, this way makes Tanking Characters a bit riskier in some cases, which I think is good.


EDIT: Ninjaed :P

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