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Looking for opinions on Sanctified renegade band symbol

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I am painting some of my Sanctified now and was wondering which shoulder pad symbol you guys thought looked the best. Here are the two entries on the Sanctified that I could find. 








Both of these have the different versions of the chapter symbols. As for the armor I am doing the red and black version except for the helmet is not all black and I have black on the armor trim. 

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First one's sick if you can do it! Have you considered doing a GS mold of the Khorne symbol for the shoulder pads? Then you could do flames over the whole pad and block out the raised symbol in black.

Oh I know I can do it. I'd just use card and either glue it on or make the mold you are talking about. I've made pretty decent looking melta guns that way so the Khorne symbol should be a cinch. :)

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