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Its quickly upon us

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So with 8 days from today. OFCC will begin its much anticipated multi game program. This is going to be a very exciting weekend. I am looking forward to seeing players and friends I haven't seen in quite some time. I love looking at everyone's models and conversions. I really don't know where all my time went to get my things in order. That's life I guess. So with this in mind. What time crunch projects are you guys all having to work on. Myself, here is my list.


Old blood



Skink priest


5 movement trays

The Dreaded Saurian


Ordo Open

Chariot 1

Chariot 2



So with all of this, I still think I can get it all done. So let us know if you guys are as strapped with work as I am.

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Holy hell that's a big list of models you need to get done in a week!


I'm 3/4s of the way through a unit of Ripperdactyls, hoping I'll be able to get them finished. My Old Blood is primed white, and may just be basecoated for the tournament. I've got 2 movement trays with a quick drybrush that could use some love, but may not receive it. And I need to glue a priest to a base. Both are completed, just not attached. :P

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I am pretty sure that I will get them done.My Scar-Vets would be done if I was putting them on condones. My skink priest would be done if I didn't make a new model for him. My skinks are getting new paint schemes, and my old blood was done but then I converted a new one and bought the carny kit. Dreaded is almost done. So I am still confident that I can achieve this goal.

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Finish Bastildon (i didn't paint him and it so well painted that it looks almost out of place in my army but I at least get to do the howdah and pretend :biggrin: ) 

5 Temple Guard and full command

Skink with a banner

3 Kroxigor


Movement Trays


Display Board


My biggest issue right now is do i spend the time trying to get the 3d printer to work again and make some filler or do i just paint the models. 

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I'm in the relaxed place of having my OFCC Team army complete as of last week, but I have a new general (fighty lord on a Dark ColdOne-asus) and a just for fun Chixecutioner that I'll use in the Open event on Friday that I have to finish in the next few days.


...then I'll fuss around with making sure I have movement trays for everybody and perhaps for some screwy formations....

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Not TOO bad of a list, but the fact that I have school starting Monday makes things a bit more stressful:


4 Maneaters

1 Giant

1 Gorger 


along with prepping a couple of movement trays. I was hopping to be able to revamp my lame, last-minute "display board" from last year, but I still haven't received my financial aid money, so I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not.

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