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Organizing collections


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Does anyone have a tool they use for organizing their collections?


I have somewhere over 60000 points of stuff primed, most of it painted, divided between several armies.


I'm starting to photo-document for reference, but I'm wondering if anyone has a pre-existing template they use? If not, I can go ahead and make my own.


I realize I'm a bit more rigid than a lot of people on this kind of issue, but my armies broadly fall in to Imperial Marines (Codex, DA, some BTs) and Chaos Marines (Iron Warriers, Night Lords, Black Legion). The guy I game with most often has Chaos Marines, Chaos Demons, and Guard. To match the size of my imperial forces for Apocalypse games, he normally borrows from my Chaos stuff, so this is partially so I can give him a reference for what I have painted and available.

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Well, I've got a friend that keeps his models in glass cases per painted army, and neatly sorted per unpainted army. That said, this player lacks the time to actually play 40k or WHFB....He collects and paints. He seems pretty content and I do envy how clean his home is...

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You and I have drastically different definitions about what "fun" means.  


Yeah, I really don't mind data entry and programming as long as there is good music playing (usually Amon Amarth). That image makes me nauseated, lol.


I would also design a webpage report where you could search your entire collection and specify parameters, but the entire project would take 30-40 hours. Not happening any time soon.

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