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Press Gangers (and all that entails)


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Since GW is really starting to wear on me I find that I like PP way more.  So I am debating about becoming (or trying to) a Press Ganger. 


Up here in Everett our PG is inactive at best and if half the horror stories are true way worse.  Also the main store (mugu) in Everett is not going to carry Warmahordes anymore nor do events it opens an opportunity to bring these players to my store (Gameshire).


So I want to pick the brains of my peers and see what they know.  If I push for this (becoming a press ganger) will I get someone “fired”?  Anyone have any tips to make myself look better?  What were/are your favorite events to run or participate in?  Anything to help me or prepare me for what I am getting myself potentially into?  

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Just send in your application and email Hungerford about the problems in the area. surprised Everett is having problems has the whole Seattle area is pretty active as a whole. Www.removedfromplay.com is the forums/website for the area meta, omnus is a the head honcho of the deal and is pretty well known throughout the community at large.

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