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About this End Times stuff...

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Been looking into it more now that im gearing up my OnG`s for some table time but im still not clear on what exactly it is.


It kinda seems to me to be something like 40k`s Escalation supplement with large new Hero units and brings in unit summoning with a new magic lore...this seems really cool and all that but is this just for VC and TK players?.


The book set sounds really good with some well written new back round lore but I see there`s a second book with it that has new game rules?..or are those considered optional kinda like everyone was trying to make the Escalation rules optional when they were in fact added to the 6th edition 40k..of course house rulings are always final in any case.


I guess im wondering if this is something that has any use for an OnG army? perhaps through summoning which would be cool as it would likely lead to starting a small force of Undead that could lead up to a full on army for me.

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The Undead Lore is another Battle Lore to go with the others in the Core Book. But I am not sure about O&Gs being able to use lores outside of their Big and Little Waaghs. Green Skin Magic is unlike other lores in that it draws upon the pent up Orc Rage that follows the Green Skins and Mork, or Gork, gives the blessed Orcs and Goblins the ability to channel it.


Now the End Times books are suppose to be straight up part of the rules like an Army Book with Errata for the core rules but until more people can get their hands on it it will really be up to the players.


Still haven't read the book myself but it doesn't seem too over the top. The 50% Lord thing I will still have to see about but maybe this might be a way to get more Dragons and Griffons into the game.

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Just picked up the book set and "The Army of Sterniest" bundle pack since its a pretty good deal:)..not sure about trying to jump into a new army right now but that may change once I start reading up on the new lore.Plus I put some bids in on a couple of used books for VC and TK..ive always liked the TK models and ive always been annoyed with how Etheral units work over my OnG`s so maybe its time for me to get in on the fun,lol.


Anyhoo..yes Murphy it states that ANY Wizard can use the lore of Undeath even those restricted to race specific or certain lores in the brb so my OnG Shammies can get to summoning!.As to how effective it will be coupled with the great green?..probably rather meh im thinking,hehe.


Now it says that up to 50% Lords then up to 50% Hero`s can be taken am I right in assuming they are saying that one could take the minimum 25% core then 75% in the Lord/hero catagory?(with of course no more than 50% from either one of those).Not sure how broken that could be but im sure theres some cheese combos in there somewhere.If that's the case It seems I could infact start a new Undead army on a budget with what would seem like a very low model count.


Ive also heared rumors that somewhere in this release cycle they will be adding "Alliances of the End times" so that should be interesting to see how that works out:)

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do you still have to have minimum 25% core?

Yes...its listed as "Core units 25% or more"



Another cool thing about this release is the new Battlefield types such as "Darkest Depths' which is underground of course and "Haunted Battlegrounds" .Probably a regurgitation of past WD articles but fun stuff to try either way:)

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@RCNjack. It ignores raical restriction? New on me. (I did mention I haven't read the book.)


Also heard Valkmar got an upgrade in the book. From what I heard he now has Sigmar's hammer and is a beatstick. Is that true?

Its in the Introduction paragraph for the Lore of Undeath as follow;


"This section of Warhammer:Nagash describes a new Lore of Magic -the Lore of Undeath- that can be used in your games of Warhammer.

Unlike other spells,which can only be used by WIzards who lists that spell lore in their special rules,{bold start} any Wizard can choose to generate spells from the Lore of Undeath.{end bold text}"


Most of what ive read elsewere on the net seems to support all being able to use it as well.


As for Valkmar,theres only data info for 6 named lord Characters and 1 rare unit all other list options are taken from the TK or VC books.


Also just a note on the selection summary,armies still need to include at least 3 units in addition to any Lords or Heroes.

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"It's valten not volkmar. You could beat him with a gobo character" Oh so OnG`s are down to just being Cavemen now??


...ok well I guess you`re right,lol


Indeed this supplement brings some really cool possibilities to all armies.On the modeling end of it I`m already planning on doing some zombified OnG`s along with a few rather "pale" Greenskinned Shaman.As for other armies,,zombie lizardmen anyone? how about Wood Elves,,Dead trees on the march!.


But yeah I can see that unless your magic phase is loaded with lvl 3+ casters with a full load of casting dice, a lot of this summoning stuff is going to need to be getting IF to go off as I`m sure the scrolling will be heavy in the first couple of turns along with all DD being thrown at them.

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That's the thing Rcnjack, if players already understand how to dispel properly, if the casting player doesn't have 9+ dice then you will still be able to look at all the spells and worry about trying to dispel the one spell which needs to be stopped.  Sure, there will still be the games when you are outmatched 10 power dice to 4 dispel dice.  You just can't do anything about the 2D6 roll.  I just don't think it's any more game changing than some of the current lores.  Lore of Death is still much better, IMO.

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