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WTB: Starting up Warhammer 40k again and looking to build up my Ork army.


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Yup just like the title says.  I'm looking to get my hands on your ork stuffs so thats Boyz and Toyz as well as a codex and rulebook if anyone got extras laying around.  I dont have much to trade if thats your thing but my wife is a pretty decent mini painter if your looking to get some mini's painted maybe we could work out a trade.  I also have cold hard cash, beer, moped parts/repair work, baked goods to trade for your grimmy orkz.  Yup let me know what you gots.  


your's truly

Dave Mooney

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I have a large core of newer orc models.  Many Nobs, Boyz, Flashgitz, Assaulty Boyz with Rokkit Paks, etc.  No vehicles really just loads of footsloggers.  Most are new on the sprue. 


I'm in the Seattle area and will gladly ship.  I have some good trade references on the board.


PM me or email to duane.s.roland at gmail if interested.


I would be looking for X-Wing ships in trade (if you have them) or cold, hard paypal.  :)



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