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Parking at OFCC


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What is that giant parking lot across the park for? Is it open for use?

That is the Cinema/Mall parking.  And they do tow.  I used to work in the office building kiity-corner from the lot.  Folks would use the lot for parking and jump on the Max, security would be right behind them writing tickets.  If you are there during "shopping" hours do what I used to, park in the lot close to the mall, make like you are going in the mall, (cross the street, etc) then be inconspicous on your way to the hotel.  For any late night stuff I'd park in a garage.  The park doesn't foster a very high class of person.


I missed a drive by shooting by about an hour.

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Dam, my bro and I use to park there all the time and no one have a crap. I've jumped on Max a million times while parking at Lloyd.

He'll that's how I did ALL my interviews in Portland. Lloyd, Max, interview, Max, Lloyd.


I'm liking the idea of drop our stuff off and then go park at Lloyd and walk into the mall leaving a different area.

$20/day is ludicrous

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Is there a park and ride that doesn't cost anything that I can park my car at and take the max into the city?  

Up by the airport, at the least, you can park near Ikea and take the max in. Probably a couple closer in in Vancouver on the 5 side.


Also, definitely don't leave your car there (Lloyd) overnight, that's suspicious. :)


I'm probably going to park there just because I'll be gone before the theatre / mall closes.

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