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Knights and Tanks


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honestly, seems like a bad plan. Boils down to an army that the opponent either demolishes, or has a steep uphill battle against. It is that you are spamming AV at the cost of numbers.


Should be fine for casual play, but iffy in an event. List concept is not unlike land raider spam..

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Sometimes extreme armies are fun. I like the idea of Epic 40k on a normal 40k table. I came very close to fielding my Steel Host plus flyers army which is only a bit less extreme.

I agree. I often run land raider lists, and they can be fun, but they really aren't competitive. Issue that the strategy relies too much on the opponent failing to bring adequate AT, more than any employable tactic.


Lately, I've been fielding a LR list with 2x LRs, 2x battle cannon vengeance batteries, and sammy on his AV14 speeder. It's a casual list, plus my opponents are often fielding light or experiemental lists, but I do win with it from time to time.


On Wednesday, I got a game in against eldar. I lost 1 of the 5 AV14 vehicles (lucky fire prism shot), while the others were undamaged. As amazing as it is, this is pretty common for my games as my opponents are often under equipped to cope with AV14.


I've found eldar lance weapons to be unreliable when it matters against AV14, though Dark Eldar seem to have no issues with the same lance weapons...Melta weapons seem to fail to penetrate much more than theory hammer would suggest. I actually had a wraith knight fail to glance my LR in assault the other night, I had already mentally marked that LR as a loss.


As for sure AT solutions, they certainly exist, but I've not been seeing them nearly as much as you'd think. Perhaps it's the biker armies...?

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