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So, rereading the rules because I've been considering doing an unbound detachment. An interesting one, for me, was that warlords must be characters (unless you completely lack characters in the detachment), but have no requirements to be HQ slots.


As I read it, a SM tactical squad sargeant is just as eligible for being a warlord as my SM chapter master, bound and unbound detachments equally. Can someone verify this, as it seems fishy...?


As I read it, Sammaeul on his Land Speeder, isn't eligible to be a warlord, so I've been cheating in normal play - despite having a fixed warlord trait, he's not a character so he can only be a warlord in unbound detachements while on his speeder. On the other hand, I could just take a troops squad leader and have them be my warlord instead. Opens some doors for my DA in bound and unbound detachments alike.


Likewise, as I read it, an unbound army could consist of no character models, which would allow me to pick any model to be my warlord (like a super heavy...). I remain unclear if purchased buildings could be warlords provided a lack of character models.

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Yep! I kinda of like it once you get over the change. The thing that helped me was thinking of it as the "front line coordinator" the warlord point is for killing the one responsible for communicating back to the tactician etc. Big mean hqs occasionally are like I'm going over there and killing stuff you radio back and let them know how the push goes...

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