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Day One Pairings w/ table assignments


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A-Club Overachievers- captain doc

Round 1:DMB: Riders of Brohan & Orkmageddon  Tables 83-88

Round 2:N.G.L.T.  87-88 & 51-52

Round 3:Betty's Fighting Havenicans  81-84


A-Club Underdogs - captain Limey_ElJonson

Round 1:Kill! Maim! Beer!Tables 79-82

Round 2:Yakima Wargamers & Orkmageddon 57-62

Round 3:Warhamsters: Devlan Studs  63-66


Betty's Fighting Havenicans - captain bigcoot

Round 1:Imperial Fist Bumps  Tables 51-54

Round 2:The Emperor's Neckbeards  63-66

Round 3:A-Club Overachievers  81-84


Casualty Gamers - captain Fluger

Round 1:The Emperor's Neckbeards  Tables 55-58

Round 2:Imperial Fist Bumps  67-70

Round 3:Warhamsters: Double Penetraitors  85-88


DMB: Riders of Brohan - captain alexcragg

Round 1:A-Club Overachievers & Orkmageddon  Tables 83-88

Round 2:Kill! Maim! Beer!  53-56

Round 3:Yakima Wargamers  67-70


Don't Call Me Shirley - captain Mr. Bigglesworth

Round 1:The Mathematically Imposables  Tables 59-62

Round 2:Hits on Sixes  71-74

Round 3:PWNField  55-58


Guardian Games: Lose at all Costs! - captain CaptainA

Round 1:Warhamsters: Double Penetraitors  Tables 67-70

Round 2:Warhamsters: Devlan Studs  79-82

Round 3:Oddball  59-62


Hits on Sixes - captain Tauras

Round 1:PWNField  Tables 63-66

Round 2:Don't Call Me Shirley  71-74

Round 3:The Mathematically Imposables  51-54


Imperial Fist Bumps - captain KAPcom

Round 1:Betty's Fighting Havenicans  Tables 51-54

Round 2:Casualty Gamers  67-70

Round 3:The Emperor's Neckbeards  77-80


Kill! Maim! Beer! - captain ChappyDBC

Round 1:A-Club Underdogs  Tables 79-82

Round 2:DMB: Riders of Brohan  53-56

Round 3:N.G.L.T. & Orkmageddon  71-76


N.G.L.T. - captain necrontyr

Round 1:Yakima Wargamers  Tables 75-78

Round 2:A-Club Overachievers  87-88 & 51-52

Round 3:Kill! Maim! Beer! & Orkmageddon  71-76


Oddball - captain Kingpin

Round 1:Warhamsters: Devlan Studs  Tables 71-74

Round 2:Warhamsters: Double Penetraitors  83-86

Round 3:Guardian Games: Lose at all Costs!  59-62


Orkmageddon - captain BigTal

Round 1:A-Club Overachievers & DMB: Riders of Brohan  Tables 83-88

Round 2:Yakima Wargamers & A-Club Underdogs  57-62

Round 3:Kill! Maim! Beer! & N.G.L.T.  71-76


PWNField - captain RavensD

Round 1:Hits on Sixes  Tables 63-66

Round 2:The Mathematically Imposables  75-78

Round 3:Don't Call Me Shirley  55-58


The Emperor's Neckbeards - captain Lightdrow

Round 1:Casualty Gamers  Tables 55-58

Round 2:Betty's Fighting Havenicans  63-66

Round 3:Imperial Fist Bumps  77-80


The Mathematically Imposables - captain VonWalther

Round 1:Don't Call Me Shirley  Tables 59-62

Round 2:PWNField  75-78

Round 3:Hits on Sixes  51-54


Warhamsters: Devlan Studs - captain Son of Dorn

Round 1:Oddball  Tables 71-74

Round 2:Guardian Games: Lose at all Costs!  79-82

Round 3:A-Club Underdogs  63-66


Warhamsters: Double Penetraitors - captain VonVilkee

Round 1:Guardian Games: Lose at all Costs!  Tables 67-70

Round 2:Oddball  83-86

Round 3:Casualty Gamers  85-88


Yakima Wargamers - captain Lopis

Round 1:N.G.L.T.  Tables 75-78

Round 2:A-Club Underdogs & Orkmageddon  57-62

Round 3:DMB: Riders of Brohan 67-70

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