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Sorry MexicanNinja, I'm calling you out!


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I just have to take a moment to mention something I saw during one of Art's games over the weekend, which I think exemplifies the "right" attitude for the OFCC, and for this hobby in general.


Art (MN) was playing a game against an opponent who was very discouraged by his games so far.  He was to the point of giving up on his fully painted army and starting over. 

Even though their game was just beginning, MN immediately started encouraging him, explaining the ins and outs of his units and how to best use them.  MN was even explaining his plans behind his OWN moves, why he was doing things, what he was trying to accomplish, and even how to counter those moves! 

I was so impressed with this true display of sportsmanship, which is so much more important to the growth and improvement of the hobby than the more widespread "drink a beer and make a lot of loud jokes during the game" version of sportsmanship (though of course, beer IS important, too). 


This is the kind of mindset that will make our hobby different from most of the other competi-nerd outlets out there: collaborative gaming, where clearly, the goal was a good close game, and fun had by both players.


Kudos to you Art!  Well done, sir.


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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I love when this happens.


I know most of my opponents and I made mistakes like crazy or forgot this and that, and would remember past the point. We would both go oh yeah go ahead and allow the other person to do it, like the psychic phase. I only had one opponent I did this for multiple times, who did not reciprocate :(.


A Win for me is having fun not winning. I would hate to win because my opponent forgot a crucial phase. Haha I won because you felt rushed.

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