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The Harvester of Souls (ITC event) -- Gamer's Haven, Spokane Valley WA -- Nov 8-9


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The Harvester is back for a third year.  As with last year this is a 'whole hobby' oriented event with a unique mission on every table; equal weighting of gameplay, appearance and sports for overall; and prize support going toward raffles and cool trophies.


We are now an ITC event.  We had 44 players at our last ITC event (the Storm) and we expect to have similar attendance for the Harvester.  So if you are looking for more ITC points this may be your last chance before the LVO.


Cost $40

Call The Gamer's Haven at (509) 443-5992 to pre-pay

MUST pre-pay to reserve a spot

50 spots

Finer details to follow, but here's the important bits:


**List Building Rules**

* 1850 Points

* Battleforged armies only

* 2 detachments of choice (dual CADs and similar allowed)

* All levels of Allies allowed

* FW units allowed (limited number of FW LoWs allowed, see below for details)

* Fortifications are 0-1 (no Networks, No Massive Fortifications)

* Lords of War are 0-1 (limited list of allowed LoWs, see below for details)

* All 40k approved formations and unit datasheets are allowed

* Apocalypse Formations are not allowed

* FW army lists and units specific to a FW army list will not allowed

* You must select your warlord when writing up your list




* 5 rounds

* Unique mission on every table

* Win conditions will run the gamut from current and past editions, other events or new mission we come up with.

* Many tables will have rules related to the theme it has.  For example a snowy themed table could have howling winds that cause difficulty for skimmers and flyers, a necron themed table could have nightfight the entire game, etc.

* Players are encouraged to bring balanced lists to be able to deal with whatever might be thrown at them.



* Rubric judged

* No restrictions related to who painted the army (new this year)

* Favorite Army votes will be a separate award and will be used for best Appearance tie breaker but will not go into overall or appearance score



* Based Primarily on Favorite Opponents Votes

* Some points also available from round of play


**Prizes and Awards

* Awards/trophies for Overall, Sports, Appearance, Fav Army and Overall in each Faction.

* Prizes will be raffled off, with additional raffle tickets going to players which lost games, got favorite opponent votes, etc.



* Link below lists the available units and their most recent publication.  

* Only the most recent publication of a unit is allowed.

* Many of the Lords of War listed in this file are not allowed at the Harvester (this is just a general reference, and is not specific to Harvester) 

*The Battle of Keylek legacy of glory upgrade from Imperial Armor is not allowed.



**Lords of War**

9/29/14   Updated.  Any Lords of War released by GW or FW from this date forward will be reviewed and allowed on a case by case basis.


All of the Baneblade chassis vehicles except for the Hellhammer (and Traitor’s Bane variant) and Stormsword, which are not allowed. 

All of the Imperial Knight LoW variants (as long as they are not experimental rules). 

Crassus Armored Assault Transport 

Gorgon Heavy Transporter 

Minotaur Artillery Tank 

All Macharius chassis vehicles. 

All Malcador chassis vehicles except the Malcador Infernus which is not allowed 

Valdor Tank Hunter 

Marauder Bomber (may not take Hellstorm bombs) 

Maurader Destroyer 


Cereberus Heavy Tank Destroyer 

Thunderhawk Transporter 

Kaldor Draigo

Logan Grimnar

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne 

Khorne Lord of Skulls


Gauss Pylon

Ghazghkull Thraka


Gargantuan Squiggoth 

Kustom Battle Fortress 

Kill Krusha Tank 

Kill Blasta 



Lynx with Pulsar (but not with Sonic Lance) 

Tiger Shark (Escalation version) 

Orca Dropship 

Scythed Hierodule 

Barbed Hierodule


**Rule Updates key dates**

* If an existing Codex is updated on or before 10/11/14 then it will be in play at Harvester and the old version will not be allowed

* If an existing Codex is updated between 10/12/14 thru 10/25/14 then players may choose to use either the old or current Codex.

* Any rules (codex, formation. unit datasheet, etc released after 10/26/14 will not be allowed at the Harvester.

*Any Lord of War released between now and 10/25/14 will be allowed on a case by case basis.


Any questions feel free to post here or join our event page on facebook.


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Harvester is a wrap!


Thanks to all the Ordo community members that made the trip over!  Always great to have you guys and nice to see some new faces.  


We had 32 players show up for two days of gaming (and for many of us -- drinking at the bar across the parking lot).   


After the dust and dice settled here is how things shook out:


Brian Haler (Necrons) -- Overall Harvester Champion!

Andy Arganbright (Orks) -- Best Sportsmanship [was also technically Best Appearance as well]

Sean Morgan (Tau Cadre/Necron) -- Best General

Jeremy Veyssiere. (Space Marines) -- Best Appearance [2nd Overall by 1 point]

Bryan Butler (Tau/Tau Cadre) -- Players Choice




Despite a few hiccups at the start and the end and a surprising amount of drops the week of, I think it was a very successful event.  It helped that we had two additional volunteers this time.


Look for the Storm GT in April/May 2015 and the Harvester again in October/November 2015!

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