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I was considering modeling 8 Bloodthirsters, so I decided I'd look at the points.  Color me surprised when I saw it was 2000 points, before you start applying any Rewards.  This got me curious about the other Greater Daemons and where they come in. 



1020 - 1620 Points => Keeper of Secrets x6

The most room for adding Sacred units.  6 squads of 12 'Nettes range from 650 - 920 points.  72 Daemonettes and 6 Keeper of Secrets is pretty legit.


1330 - 2030 Points => Great Unclean One x7

You could take 6 fully kitted GUO and Ku'Gath at a clean 2k.  That's 18 Psychic dice of Grandpa's Goodness.  Although, if you could get Epidemius in there, too, just for some extra hugs.  


2000 - 2400 Points => Bloodthirster x8

Taking Scarbrand at 2000 would let you take 2 Lesser Rewards or 1 Greater reward as he's 25pts cheaper than a stock Thirster.  The 8 would be 2400 points fully kitted, 2375 if one of the GDs were Skarbrand.  Although, I think I'd model him as a Ninth GD instead of part of the bloodbath.  For a clean 2k points, I think 8 Thirsters is pretty wicked.


2070 - 2745 Points => Lord of Change x9

I'm not even sure what to say about this.  I also don't really think it'd be as effective as the others, not to mention the most affordable version is 2070 pts.  



What do you think?  How would you feel about facing such a list?  After facing Super Heavies in standard games with 7th ed, is a list like this less intimidating than it might have been an edition or two back?  

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As a potential opponent, lists like this don't scare as much as they didunder sixth. The whole having to switch flight modes and spend turn on the ground is nice. It would be really intimidating tho. I like that it is being very fluffy.


Really it comes down to review of all the lists participating and making sure it fits with the community attending that particular year.


Just my two cents.

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The Slaanesh list strikes me as the most likely to win, of those mentioned. I've also been looking into unbound lists, but I'm of the strong opinion that using the unbound rules to spam units will result is lacking/unbalanced armies. I do like the idea of being able to field, in example, 4 heavy slots without being required to add the HQ and troops normally required for multple detachments. Likewise, being able to field multiple fortifications or HQs does have solid appeal. I especially like the idea of not being bound to a codex when selecting escalation units - which allows for CSM/ork baneblades, without having to convert a bunch of IG into CSM or Orks, I'd just need the one superheavy. 

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These lists aren't built to win, by any means.  Here's another one of similar vein:


Marneus Calgar

10 Man Honor Squad TH, Standard of the Emperor

Landraider plus upgrades

10 Man Honor Squad TH, Chapter Standard

Landraider plus upgrades

10 Man Honor Squad TH

Landraider plus upgrades


Relic Blades to taste

2000 points


Drop any upgrades on the LRs and squads except the TH on the Champs and you're down to 1850.  

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Here's a question, do I have to include the chapter master, to include honorguard in an unbound army? As I read it, the honor guard being limited by the chapter master is part of the FOC requirement, which is directly related to a bound detachment. I should be able to field an entire army with honor guard and no chapter masters, as I read it, so long as I'm making an unbound army.

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How do you feel about an army of Death Company Dreads with no DC?  

Having not played 7th and not too familiar with the rules, I would say that the DCD, the Honor Squad, the Command Squad are akin to an upgrade.  You can't take a Tact Sgt if you don't take the Tactical Squad.  You can't take the Death Company Dread if you haven't taken enough Death Company Marines.  What about Imperial Guard?  Does unbound let you take a crap ton of Special Weapon Squads?  




Regardless, this thought exercise is Fluff related.  So, I would take Papa Smurf as part of that list.

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