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How does one use a coven throne?

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So, my next modeling project for escalation league will be an Undead Legion list.  I intend to use a significant portion of my tomb kings models, plus all the zillion Base-X-of-War Desert King bases I have.  To merge them with VC and keep a theme, I think I'll go with a Lahmian vampire theme, which is basically Egyptian/Persian chick vampires.  So, I can't really make such an army without a coven throne, since that's kinda their signature model.  But the inter webs tell me they suck.  Obviously, the internet is seldom right in these matters, but given that I am tactically challenged in Warhammer,  I thought it best to solicit advice.  Assuming I'm going to use this model, how do I make it marginally useful?

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I have seen it used and wanted to run one myself if I ever did vc. I don't remember much about it off of the top of my head right now, but I believe it functions similar to all chariot mounts in that it fulfills a combat support role rather than trying to win on its own. Use monstrous infantry to provide cannonball screens and pick a target to multi charge.

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In this instance the internet is right. Coven thrones are just way too damned expensive for what you get.

If you're trying to make one useful then the best way to do it is on a hero-level vampire, so at least when it inevitably gets cannoned off the board you're not also losing your general and crumbling your entire army. The build I like is this:


Level 2 (death or shadow)
Red Fury
Heavy Armour
Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone
Coven Throne



He strikes at S6 and with the CT's bound spell off he hits almost as hard as a vampire lord does. He's still close to 500 points, meaning that you can very nearly buy a whole hord of GW GG with BotB just by dropping him, but he still hits decently hard if you can get the charge off and the CT has ethereal movement IIRC.

Alternatively you can give him a lance for S7 on the charge, but then he's only S5 after and that's pretty balls.


Also, remember that he doesn't give up any of his points until both mount and rider are dead.

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Gotta agree with King Mekhet,  a hero level vamp on that thing is the way to go.  The one thing I do like about it is the damage output it has on the charge (impact hits, asf vamps, and a ward save).  It is a huge magnet though and you'd think the special ability it has will stop most shooting but nope the rules just look cool.  It's kind of expensive in points as well and you could certainly get more choices for the points cost of putting a hero vamp on the throne.  However, I will say that the model is cool to look at.


I also think that this is one of those models you could make work after playing it enough times.

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it depends on if you want it as a lord or hero mount. as a hero it really needs to be a BSB to be effective. the +1 CR and then the -1 to crumble are crucial for it's ability to sustain after contact.


the 'battle of wills' is a nice little bonus feature that most often results in the opponent rerolling their successful to hits. I've had "enthralled" go off twice in the 6+ months of fielding the model. if the model is a hero, being LD 7 limits any benefit from this ability outside of the general's influence.


I've run a defensive build hero (armor of destiny) for the 4+ ward on the hero bsb. the throne is able to pump out 4 Str 5 WS 5 ASF attacks from the handmaidens and then 2d6 Str 3 WS 3 attacks from the spirit horde. combined with the attacks from the hero/lord vampire you put on top it has nice offensive capabilities, but as a 500+ point model it needs it (IMO).


the best use for this model in my experience is as a combo charge support unit issuing challenges to deal with enemy characters while the other unit works on the enemy rank and file.

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Oh, I didn't pick up that he's going in an UL list.

In that case he's actually kind of cool. You can tag-team him with a brick of chariots and, so long as there are 5 non-champion models in that unit, it'll eat cannonballs for him. Pretty cool.

I'd still make him the BSB though, just for that extra combat res. If you're counting on breaking folks on the charge you want all the help you can get.

I also quite enjoy that UL can run an all-chariot list:

VL on a coven throne
Vamp BSB on a coven throne
Level 2 necromancer on a corpse cart
3x6 chariots
2x mortis engines

Chariot smash!

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