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Congratulations Warhamsters!

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Why thank you good sir. I am still blown away that we won considering how badly I sucked in 3 of my 5 battles. I think Greyson and Sherbert carried us with battle points. It was a great time! Hopefully I will be able to go again next year providing it doesn't conflict with a trip I have planned. Also thanks again for lunch good sir and also for the easy win. I am sure you didn't try to lose but you just can't help it Yarb.

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Thanks Yarb, and thanks again for the lunch on Saturday, it fueled our hungry bellies. Like Wiccus said, I dont think any of us were expecting to win the event. I had honestly been pretty burnt out on fantasy but OFCC has really reinvigorated my appetite. I just ordered a bunch of bits to start work on a couple of big models for my empire army, hopefully I will have them done for the Bellingham Tourny at the end of November. Thanks again to Ordo for putting on such a great event, I will go every year that I am able for the rest of time. 

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I don't know how close it actually was or if points mattered but I feel privileged that my slann contributed to your win by entering a combat against 13 silver helms with 21 temple guard and a flank charge of 35 saurus warriors with a scar vet. 


The slann felt bad for Greysons high elves so blew up 9 temple guard on a two dice ice shard blizzard miscast then promptly got kicked in the face next turn by a horse and died. Ahh the big toad, always does so well :). 

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