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Half modelling, half equiping question


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So, my regular Marines are super deep in to Apocalypse territory.


I've collected the Masters of the Chapter, and have command squads lined up for most of them.


The question mark for me is the Master of Relics (the Finecast guy with the combi-plasma).


I recently ordered a set of the boarding shield from FW, and those are going on my plasma gun command squad. Six came in the set. 4 go on plasma gunners, 1 will go on an old BA pewter Apothecary I have because the narthecium is on the "easy" arm, but that leaves me with some options for this Captain.


Obvious cut is that straight left arm. My original intent was the new plastic Sternguard sword, to complete that "at rest" look. He'd also look pretty sweet with the DA Vet power maul. Third option is to give him the last boarding shield, either as-intended across the body or down and turned a bit behind his body. If I did that, I'd probably need to scrounge a Templar sheathed power sword to glue to his hip.


This unit is one I might run for fun sometimes in regular games- toss in drop pod, harass units- so the Captain is more for tanking challenges when the unit is assaulted. Main intent is as a modelling project for Apocalypse.


Opinions? Part of me thinks the shield would look sweet but on this unit, be overkill. Part of me wants to go with the original idea because it was original, dammit, and it should also look nice- but swords are just a bit lacklustre these days.

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