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Sunday, Oct. 5th - WoW - Escalation Game Night for Fantasy (and every Sunday after)


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For anyone who is interested in learning Fantasy or getting their hobby jump-started after OFCC, come down to WoW and engage in Game Night.

Raindog is starting a low points Escalation league which will culminate in the Raindog's Rampage at the end of the league.

I encourage you all to come down and participate.


If you don't play fantasy but still want to game, come on down and play at the club!



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Info about the league for anyone interested!



Escalation League: Week One - Tales of Triumph!

Welcome to Week One of the Escalation League:

When: 4 PM, Sunday, October 4th.

Where: WoW, 717 SE Main Street, Portland, O

Who: You! 

Cost: Standard Game Night Dues.


Fight across a battlefield to gather glory and loot!


The game is a Triumph and Treachery style game where players race towards designated tokens on the opposing corners of the table.

Each player has three tokens placed 8 inches apart from any other token on the opposite side of the table. The tokens are placed by the player to their right.

Special Rules: 

1. If a player fights touches their designated token, they are unbreakable.
2. If a player's unit touches an opposing token, they suffer d6 S1 hits with no armor save.
3. The tokens can never move.

League Bonus:

If you wear any OFCC pin : +1 Point
If you use an OFCC Challenge coin as your designated token: +1 Point
At the end of the game, if a player touches his token, he receives +2 Points.
If he touches another player's token at the end of the game, he receives +1 Point.

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