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Cheating on my beloved 40k with Chaos Warriors

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I'm also a lazy painter, so I figured as many guys in cans as possible.  3 units of 18 warriors? 2 wizards, BSB and said Lord. Chariots would be OK too.

Juggers are big cans, so they could be in.

Is that a decent start?


No book, and I haven't played in 3 editions so I'm totally winging this build outta my butt.

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Ditch the warriors, If you are going to rock a dragon I would recommend small units of forsaken, marauder horse, dogs, and then of course core chariots so that you can litter the battlefield with chaff and smash. This will allow you to out-deploy your opponent to know exactly where your dragon will be most effective in the battle. It will cover the core tax and  those units are fast allowing you to put yourself in the battles you want while chaffing anything that could disrupt your main attack.


This also makes your opponents shooting/magic phases more difficult in that they will have too many fast targets and not enough turn to affect them all by the time they hit home. I think a Khorne/Slaanesh mix would suit this theme. 


Forsaken are completely underrated in lists like this. M6 T4 4+... core... units of 5...as many as you want.... yes, please. Id go Slaanesh on these for the swiftstride. 

Marauder Horse are best as Slaanesh given you CAN flee with them without caring about panic.

Khorne Chariots for sure

Khorne Knights

Doggy dogs -I would not upgrade them at all, I preserve dogs for later round flank denial. 2 wide is totally legal.

Gotta agree with MexicanNinja on the Juggernutzz as well. 

Multiply these choices as necessary...

Bring that dragon, a bsb, and a lv2, youre smashing face proper in WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLES ...the best game ever.


My 2 Cents...



******I had a great weekend playing Warhammer with all you guys AND gals.

Thank you OFCC volunteers and crew, you put on a great event as always. Til' next year

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So what should I equip a lord on a dragon with?  Does he really need much?

The builds can vary depending on what you want to do with the lord; however, I would always put a ward save on him.  Heck, I'd even make him mark of tzeentch with the 3+ ward save.  This will allow the rider to at least live when his dragon is shot from under him.

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Now on to transporting these lugs.  I would really like to use metal movement trays and magnetize my bases.  That way the unit stays together when I'm pushing it around, but I'd also like to pack them in foam that way, too.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Individual compartments for a unit of fantasy guys is just tedious, plus it makes set up faster.

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My gaming group uses these with the cardboard removed and "cabinet liner" added. Works well as long as you don't have to take them on a plane or something. And cheap!


*seconded on shogun for the actual movement trays!



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