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Here is the list of what I have for BFG Space Marines. I know I have 4 transport/system ships, but can't seem to find them yet. That said, here is my list:


1 - Space Marine Battle Barge

4 - Space Marine Strike Craft cruisers

4 - Space Marine Hunter escorts

3 - Space Marine Nova escorts

6 - Space Marine Gladius escorts

7 - Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship ordinance packs (Forge World models, in the original pack, 5 per)

2 - Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship ordinance packs (Forge World models, in the original pack, 10 per)


All the ships above are painted in a space wolves grey scheme, except the FW Thunderhawks (which are new in original packs). I also have:


1 - SM Battle Barge (painted Dark Angels)

2 - SM Strike Craft cruisers (one bare metal, one with a bit of black primer)

Assorted ordinance, all bare metal:

7 - stands of fighters

6 - stands of bombers

2 or 3 - stands of boarding craft

4 - stands of torpedoes (4 per, 2 sets still on metal sprue)


I also have a set of BFG dice as well as all the markers/tokens/templates/measure sticks/etc that came with the game, including the rulebook and a few of the other Specialist Games publications that have additional BFG rules/info. And the 4 system ships, as soon as I find them.


LMK if you are interested and shoot me an offer if so and on what you are looking at.



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Adequate?  Obviously the whole lot is not pictured, but that gives you an idea.  Decent BFG paint I'd say.  And if you don't like it they strip easily as they are all metal.

There are a few stems in need of repair (I was planning to magnetize most of them), and I am including a number of new stems for that purpose.

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