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Question for local hobbyists...3d printer?


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Hello there,


Was wondering if the local gamers / hobbyists would ever use a 3D printer.  Now I'm not talking about some hulking, $ 10000 behemoth but more of a "personal-sized" one. 


You folks are pretty tech savvy.  I'm not.  I could get one and let folks use it for materials cost or a small fee or some extra pieces of what you're making, whatever.  For some reason I just saw a 3D printer article and this popped into my head.


Thoughts?  To reiterate:  looking at this from more of a "help the community with some projects" rather than "get wealthy from charging people."  And if I learn how to use the thing and be able to make stuff, even better.


Please feel free to post your thoughts, good or bad.  I'd like to add that my track record with the local community is more "helper" than "robber baron," if again you're wondering why this post came up.  I just sometimes get stuff like this in my head and seek perspective.


Stay safe,



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That's a really cool and generous offer, but I'm not really in need of one. I've got a small one coming through a Kickstarter (which others are welcome to use if needed), primarily for printing terrain pieces to modify and cast. For affordable machines, the technology required some serious finishing work on printed pieces. Not too bad if you're printing a few to cast, but a big deal if you're trying to mass produce stuff.

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