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US Masters qualifiers in Oregon for 2015?

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I'm putting together the calendar of 2-day tournaments in the Northwest Region that can be used as qualifiers for the US Masters next year. Unfortunately at the moment there is only one being held in Oregon and that is the Black Sheep Brawl in March.


There are 3 candidate GTs in Washington (run by the Dimensional Cascade team) and there are 4 potential GTs in the BC area. I want to give Oregonians as equal an opportunity as possible to qualify for the Masters team, but at the same time I don't want to restrict the other regions to just 1 qualifying GT - primarily because bad luck at a given tournament could eliminate otherwise great players, so everyone needs at least a couple of chances to make it.


In an ideal world there would be 3 GTs in OR, 3 in WA and 3 in BC, with some way for outreach with AK and ID (whose communities are too small to run their own GTs at the moment). They would be spread out across the year, so that people could attend at times that suited their schedule.


Is this possible? Can Ordo run 2 GTs next year, not counting the OFCC, or work with someone in the OR WFB community to do the same? Or is there some other solution that people can come up with that would allow the OR tournament players an equal shot at qualifying, without penalizing players in the other areas?


Or (and this is not meant to be a troll question - I genuinely don't know) does the OR community at large not really care about Masters? Do you prefer to play in friendly events like the OFCC?

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Can you provide us more details on the masters?  Assuming one qualifies, where is the actual event held, and when?  I have this sense (which may be wrong) that it is held back east.  That perception has always prevented me from taking much interest, as it sounds like a long and expensive trip I would never be able to take.  But maybe I'm wrong.  I hope I am actually.

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im sure there are those in oregon that DO care and would love to do it.  but there are those like me who are in grad school, work and/or have a family its difficult to up and go to the east coast(where they generally are?).  and i wouldnt want to participate in an event to take away a spot for someone that could actually go to the event(not saying im a 'decent' player cause im NOT, but theoretically speaking).  so it does take away a bit of the whfb players for those who cant seriously go to the event.  saying that though, id be happy to help out if there's help needed.  im sure we could make the ordo open a masters qualifier(?) and the black sheep guys got one, so we'd just need one more event to make it a third.  thanks for the inclusion/suggestion!  

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OK I think I figured this out, I think SPDM 5 is a 2014 qualifier. I was surprised because previously there were no 2014 qualifiers after I got back to the NW. However, the date change (November to December) means there will be. 


So yeah, sorry for the confusion.


Looks like King of Cascadia (linked about) is scheduled, and SPDM 5 is a 2014 qualifier.

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The OFCC open was a qualifier for this year, one of the 1-day events. Next year, the intention is that there will only be 2-day events that count toward qualification. If the OFCC Open and OFCC Team Challenge are on different weekends, and the Open expands to a 2-day, then that would probably be sufficient when combined with the Brawl (but one more would be even better!)


The remaining qualifiers for 2014 are:


Ham Slamwich (1-day, November)

SPDM 5 (2-day, December)


King of Cascadia (2-day, January)


The ratings after those events above the line is what decides the top 8 players who will play off for the title of King of Cascadia (aka Northwest Master), and who automatically get an invite to be on the NW team for US Masters. The winner of the KoC event will also get an automatic invite, as will the next highest ranked player not counting the other 9 who have qualified. (Incidentally, the ticket price from the KoC event will be used to cover the cost of our Masters dues for the region - $350).


If any of those 10 cannot attend the Masters in NC, we will go further down the rankings with invites until we have a full squad of 10.


The rankings can be seen at http://dimensionalcascade.com/NWMasters

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SPDM5 tickets should be sale shortly. We have had to reschedule a bunch of times due to the venue (which will be brand new and awesome), which has thrown off the organizational process. There will certainly be announcement on this forum when they are available, so you guys don't need to worry about missing out.

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