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What I learned at OFCC


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First off, thanks for the event, and thanks to Aaron, Saul, Mike, Christina, & Brad for some memorable games.


This was my first tournament, & while I wasn't disappointed I was a bit unprepared. So I made a list of things I learned, or wish I'd known going into the event.




Thanks again.



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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

As to Scott's point this is way different from normally tourneys. Preparing to lose bad is common for a more competitive event. I find I lose at ofcc more because a lack of experience than say bad match ups. At guardian cup it was both, match ups nuking my softer list.


Yes length if time at the event is draining and being comfortable is essential, this is in clothing, shoes and stretching. Folks often suffer headaches from dehydration and so drinking right is important.


Good post lots of great advice. Practical display boards are nice compared to those with flair.

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Thanks for your recap post!  Well thought out!


I'm curious how this happened:


That being said, even when I was losing I kept it friendly. Laugh when your dice get the better of you. At one point my Flying Daemon Prince Warlord with 4+ Feel No Pain was shot from the sky, took a wound for falling, then was promptly blown to bits by a D-strength missile without a save (If my math is correct, there's only a 0.8% chance of that happening). 



Perhaps it is just your wording...but how was he "promptly" killed?  You don't take grounding tests til the end of the shooting phase, so no one else should have been able to shoot at you the same turn you got grounded.

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Hey man, game 2 of the weekend was a blast!  Thanks for being patient with me when my family showed up. I don't think I have ever killed so many models just to have them come back, ever! Your rolls on the warpstorm table were great. If memory serves me correctly neither of us bagged many "big game" kills, which gave the game an odd dynamic.


Other ways to hydrate are beer, rum, and whiskey. After hydrating with those for a while games become less about winning and more about fun!

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