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Exigence spoilers *spoilers*


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Bradigus Theme List:


I don't know the exact allowed units/solos. I was told Gallows Groves are allowed, and obviously Shifting Stones, Sentry Stones, and warbeasts with Construct.


1: Only these models increase FA of Shifting Stones and Sentry Stones by 1

2: 1+ unit of Shifting Stones: redeploy one model/unit

3: 1+ Sentry Stones unit: sentry stones begin game with 3 fury

4: Bradigus is the only living model: Add a Woldwatcher to Bradigus' battlegroup for free.


Character Satyr:


PC 9

One POW 13 non-reach with Critical Pitch, POW 15 Reach attack with Mage Killer

Gun, RNG 12, POW 11, Thunderbolt

Primal Magic, Sacred Ward

Affinity: Morvhana (When the satyr is damaged or kills an enemy model, Morvhana heals 1)


Character unit: Wolves of Orboros

Overtake, Prowl, Gang (3 man unit, one person gives an ability each)

Heart Eater

"new ability that allows character to spend a corpse token to make a model suffer 1 damage if it fails to exceed armour."

All are DEF 14/ARM 14 with 5 wounds

MAT 7 (?)

One member has POW 13 with Reach, one has POW 11 with Powerful Charge, one has 2xPOW 9 with Combo Strike. Only one unit member has Reach.

PC 5




Blight Wasps:


SPD 7, MAT 5, DEF 12, ARM 11, 5 boxes each

One POW 8 stinger, critical poison

Annoyance (see Troll Whelps)

Swarm (+1 to melee attack and damage rolls for each other member of the unit engaging the enemy you're attacking)

Animus: Cost 2 RNG 6, target friendly warbeast pack gets Killing Spree (see Gerlak Slaughterborn)

PC 4




PC 10


DEF 12

ARM 19

28 boxes


Bond with Rhyas: Stealth

Bond with Saeryn: Channeler

Special Issue: Rhyas and Saeryn

2x POW 16 melee attacks (DOES NOT have Reach)

1 SP 8 POW 12, ROF 2

Chain attack: hit with both initial melee attacks, make a ranged attack

Animus: Cost 1, Self: Gain an additional die on attack rolls against non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior models




Stats as Striders (SPD 7, MAT 6, DEF 15, ARM 11)

Ambush, Stealth, Pathfinder, CMA, Critical Grievous Wounds

PC 6




Gator Battle Engine: As spoiled earlier, will work for Legion, Circle, Blindwater

Pig Battle Engine: Unknown if as spoiled earlier, will work for Skorne, Trollbloods, Thornfall


Unnamed light cavalry solo, POW 7 AP gun, no further info, will work for Thornfall


Maximus: Abomination, Fearless, relentless charge, spell ward, unyielding, reach, Berserk, magic weapon, weaponmaster

DEF 13 ARM 16 PC 2




Scarab Swarm:

4 models

PC 5

SPD 5, MAT 5, DEF 11, ARM 12 POW 8 mandible

AD, Steady, Snacking, Critical Paralysis on the mandible

Swarming Scarabs: +1 to attack and damage rolls against enemy models for each model in the unit that's in melee with the same enemy model, or for each Aradus warbeast (the non-gun heavy)

Animus: Cost 2 RNG 6, target friendly warbeast pack immediately Digs In


New heavy w/out gun

cost the same as a Sentry, AD, pathfinder, snacking animus, SPD 3 (sorry guys)

ARM 19, Carapace rule (+4 ARM against free strikes AND Ranged - sorry I missed this)

29 boxes


New heavy w/gun

cost the same as a Gladiator, rng 10 aoe 3 gun, AD, pathfinder, concealment animus, SPD 3

ARM 19, Carapace rule (+4 ARM against free strikes AND ranged - sorry I missed this)

29 boxes



CMA, blade shield, parry, reform, reach, no weapon master, 5/8 PC


eXerxis Theme:


non character warbeasts and tibbers. PGBH, cav units, tyrant units. Tyrant solos. Siege animantarax.

huge based models reduced cost by 1

redeploy for every tyrant model/unit included

+1 to starting roll for tibbers

animantarax begins the game with rage tokens.





From Virus646:


From a guy that saw/had the book, he might be missing a thing or two as he didn't had time(wasn't willing to) take a pic or notes:



Spd: 6

Rat 5

Def 12

Arm 14


Swift hunter





Range 8 pow 10


5/8 pts


+ New unit immune to cold. Similar to runeshapers but with spray 6, rat 6 pow 12 and assault/AD. They get +5 arm against fire and when on fire have aditionnal bonuses (steady, no stationnary, boosted dmg/hit).**That is probably the fiery revelation that PP talked about in their podcast?**


+New character solo for Troll. It seems to boost Highwaymen but her/his rules seemed to be missing stuff (probably just took a small glance) so I'll stop there.


Again: he might be missing a thing or two as he didn't had time(wasn't willing to) take a pic or notes


I think that's about that for this book. Anything I miss or have incorrect I'll try to fix when I can


Courtesy of F&f forums.

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Warbeast packs!


- they are a unit, but each model is a warbeast and not a warrior model

- they have unit leaders

- must get run/charge order or be compelled to run/charge

- fury = number of models in play

- increasing or decreasing fury effects never affect them

- models forced independently, fury points generated on the leader

- only forced while in formation while unit leader is in control area, other beasts do NOT need to be in control area

- never have more fury than number of beasts

- can't make power attacks

- if unit commander frenzies they all frenzy, can't choose another model in pack as frenzy target

- only leader has animus

- can xfer damage to models in control as normal except if pack leaders fury stat is full

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