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Artillery and Helfrost


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Don't have the SW 'dex, what's the profile on the weapon in question?


I will note that although RAW is that they'd auto-fail, in the past, GW has FAQed it the opposite of what the BRB rules say with regards to artillery. Just something to keep in mind.

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Helfrost: When a model suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from this weapon, it must

pass a separate Strength test for each Wound suffered or be removed from play.

Interesting. Not a huge issue for artillery, as most have only 2 wounds, and high toughness and good saves and very low point costs. It's not dramatically different than having ID vs artillery...


Does it deny cover or 3+ armor saves? How about invulnerable saves?


EDIT: by not a huge issue, I just mean that it really doesn't make them dramatically less durable than they already are. It would be annoying, but once my opponent starts shooting at my artillery, it usually means their death unless they only have a few models in range.


I will also note that as the helfrost is flyer mounted, I can insure at least a round of artillery fire if this represents your artillery solution... Not exactly a huge problem for an artillery unit which I don't really expect to last more than a turn or so (looking at you, thunderfire).


Perhaps more threat to eldar, as they can field the more expensive artillery units. Still, they have easy access to shrouding on their artillery (warlocks), so if it lacks cover denial, it shouldn't be too challenging to ignore.

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So basically, you deny artillery armor, but they are very often in cover, so really not very impressive. The 2 wounds for each dealt is nice, no question, but it doesn't seem like a very impressive artillery solution. Killing the crew is often much easier, as is just pinning followed by ignoring them... Poisoned and sniper weapons should be much more impressive here.


Anyway, it does function as you asked in the original post. Seems like a wasted shot, but if you lack a better target, go for it.


My land raiders still laugh at the new SW flyers....their cargo is certainly threatening, but the vehicles aren't. SW often don't field adequate AT solutions for AV14...

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Now now guys, put the torches down. How did the fliers do for you at ofcc, any notable kills?

if my whole army was stormwolves I would have tabled all my opponents. Those things are crazy.


Once I learned that you should never hover an just fly around nuking stuff, they killed the crap out of stuff.


Centurions, terminators, bikes, tanks... The prevalence of elite units really worked for them. I'm only sad I didn't get any dog fights.


In future lists, I'd just put minimal units in or take them as fast. The GH banner one was a great choice too. Super easy to get that bubble where you need it.

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