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Newb X-Wing?

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Hey guys! My name is Nick and I met a couple of the posters on the board months ago when picking up some old White Dwarfs, but I don't think I know any of the local gamers and am hoping to change that in the next few weeks.


I've been failing at getting any of my 40k stuff together for... erm... way too long but really want to get down to the store and get some games in, so picked up an X-Wing starter the other day and am going over the rules. Anyone interested in some seal clubbing in the next week or so?

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I've only just started poking around at some lists after playing a bit with the core set, so still not really clear on what I'm doing. I'm planning on picking up enough ships for 100pt Rebel and Imperial fleets to get a feel for what play styles I enjoy. Will probably be sticking with basic X-Wings and TIEs until I figure out what I'm doing unless you have other suggestions...? I'm open!


How often are you guys down at DT? Seems like Tuesday is when most of you guys are coming down...?

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Every Tuesday is when we play and then every month on approximately the last Saturday, I run an all day game day or tournament (alternating months). This one is October 25th and it'll be a standard 100 point tournament. Aside from that, I'm tentatively free other times by scheduling to play and other people probably are too.


As for other ships, one good thing about this game is that there are almost no bad ships and you can generally make any ship you want to fly with work in different lists. Except the TIE Advanced, it's bad.

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