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Malekith's challenge

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So my malekith, CoK, cauldron build seems to have sparked some intersting discussions. I know Sunday night is esclalation night; however, I have an open challenge to anyone who wants to kill malekith.


Challenge me through this thread and be ready to throw down with 2.5k points this Sunday night!


I see a lot of talk and posts in the other thread, does no one want to put the models on the table!


Do you understand how epic it would be for you to destroy this army in front of everyone at game night, after all the talk in the other thread...I MEAN....THAT WOULD BE EPIC!

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id like the 1 on 1 battle of slayer-star vs your sick deathstar.  slayers can beat the deathstar i think, mostly by using the distasteful giant slayer scheme. :/ 41 regular slayers, 9 giants, 1 dragon and ungrim ironfist.  slowness and vanguard. 1230 points.  that unit is LAUGHABLE though cause it would just get shot to death by the rest of your army but 1 on 1 i think they rip the deathstar apart(even without hatred).  ill put together a list if you want to throw down for giggles.  the rest will be copters and shooting...

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