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Tabletops for the Ham Slamwich

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Hi folks,


So, we're running a 30-person Fantasy tournament in November and need a few more tables. Anyone have any tabletops we could use? Corey,could we borrow your Zuzzy mat (and terrain, for that matter). Don, do you have another RoB board or two we could use? Jon, can we borrow a couple of your frontline gaming matts? Anyone else?




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Hello there,


The 2 boards at DTG you are welcome to use (duh).


I have a 3rd board finished at my house that you are welcome to use.


I have a 4th board that I just need to flock and you are welcome to use that.  Just gotta get off my @$$ and finish it.  It was a victim of the Apocalypse game being canceled and I lost steam to finish.  I have vacation (again) from work from Oct 15th through November 6th so I will finish it.


When I complete board four do you want me to bring boards 3 and 4 down to DTG or...?

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Had forgotten it was small Zuzzy, Corey!


@ Don - 1 or 2 more RoB boards would be fantastic! The tournament isn't until late November, so if it's OK with you, maybe we can figure out transportation closer to then? I certainly don't mind coming out to pick them up, if need be.


@Dan - Yes, please! I don't know that we'll need all 10 but 5 or so would be great. That way we can just pick up some plywood for a base, and not have to worry about finishing the surface. Can spend time focusing on terrain instead.


Sounds like we'll be sorted - thanks a million!

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Mr. Graham,


Copied your last.  The 3rd is done and I'll knock out the 4th before my vacation is over.  I can bring them down whenever you need as long as I get a lead time.


If you need 4' x 8' sheets of OSB board I have a bunch of those you can borrow for the tourney if you need them, too.  And I think I have (6) folding tables that you can use, too.  Happy to help out, just lemme know.


Stay safe,



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