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Guardian Cup 7.5 Lite One Day Three Round Tournament! Sat Nov. 22


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Come one come all to the next Guardian Cup tournament!


This will be a lite version of the regular Guardian Cup - Half the calories but twice the flavor!


Roster Thus Far:

  1.  Kit W
  2.  Eben L
  3. Sean M
  4. Chris O
  5.  Derek J
  6. Adam S
  7. Andy H
  8. Anthony H
  9. Nathan F
  10. Chris A
  11. Sam A
  12. Bronson J
  13. Gareth H
  14. Ben C
  15. Jeremy V
  16. John G


Event Details:
Saturday, November 22nd.
Guardian Games Portland, OR
Pts 1850
ITC Registered Event

10:00am - Check In
10:15am - Round 1 Starts
10:15-12:45 - Round 1
12:45-1:15 - Lunch
1:15 - Round 2 Starts
1:15-3:45 Round 2
3:45-4:00 - Break
4:00 - Round 3 Starts
4:00-6:30 - Round 3
6:30-7:00 - Awards and Clean Up


Army Composition

·         1850 point limit.

·         2 Detachments Total. You may take any 2 detachments you wish, but may not repeat any detachments.

·         0-1-CAD

o    Detachments may be produced from a maximum of one Codex / Codex Supplement

o    Example – You may not selectively include units within one Combined Arms Detachment from both Codex: Tau and Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves, despite them being within the same Faction per the Detachment creation rules in the 40k Rulebook.

o    Exception – Units that are added to various Factions by means other than the primary or supplemental Codex are exceptions (i.e., Dataslate Characters, Forgeworld 40K approved units where they are permitted, etc.).

o    Codex Supplements will be considered their own Faction, ie. Farsight Enclave, Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Militarum Tempestus and Legion of the Damned, etc.

o    In the case of a Forge World unit having a profile in a Forge World book and Codex or Codex Supplement, the rules in the Codex or Codex Supplement are always used.

·         0-1 Codex Specific Detachment

·         0-1 Allied Detachment

o    Your Allied Detachment may be the same faction as your CAD.

·         0-1 Formation

o    See the Black Library for examples of Formations.

o    No Fortification or Apocalypse Formations will be allowed.

·         0-1 Fortification

o    All of the rules may be found in the Stronghold Assault supplement. No Fortification Networks will be allowed . All upgrades on pg. 180 of the Stronghold Assault book will be allowed. 

·         0-1 Lord of War

o    All of the rules for Lords of War available at the LVO 2015 may be found in the Escalation, Apocalypse and Imperial Armor: Apocalypse supplement with the updated rules found in the BRB in effect (such as the new D Weapon rules). Players are required to have the actual LoW model to use them. Exceptions will only be made for exceptional conversions. What constitutes an exceptional conversion is determined at the sole discretion of the Tournament Organizers. Send pictures of your model in advance if you have any doubts.

o    All Special Character LoWs such as Ghaz, Draigo, etc. can be used.

o    Please note, the Impending Doom (+1 to Seize the Initiative for a player facing a LoW who does not have one), and Through Attrition, Victory (+1 Victory Point for every 3 Hull Points or Wounds done to a LoW, counted towards the secondary mission) special rules will be in effect if either player in a given game has a Super Heavy or Gargantuan Creature Lord of War, but not for a Special Character LoW such as Draigo.

o    A LoW may be chosen from the following list. *Please note, the Battle of Keylek legacy of glory upgrade is not allowed for the LVO 2015.

o    All of the Baneblade chassis vehicles except for the Hellhammer (and Traitor’s Bane variant) and Stormsword, which are not allowed for the GC 7.5 LITE 2014.

o    All of the Imperial Knight LoW variants.

o    Crassus Armored Assault Transport

o    Gorgon Heavy Transporter

o    Minotaur Artillery Tank

o    All Macharius chassis vehicles.

o    All Malcador chassis vehicles except the Malcador Infernus which is not allowed for the GC 7.5 LITE 2014

o    Valdor Tank Hunter

o    Marauder Bomber (may not take Hellstorm bombs)

o    Maurader Destroyer

o    Fellblade

o    Cereberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

o    Thunderhawk Transporter

o    Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

o    Khorne Lord of Skulls

o    Obelisk

o    Gauss Pylon

o    Stompa

o    Gargantuan Squiggoth

o    Kustom Battle Fortress

o    Kill Krusha Tank

o    Kill Blasta

o    Cobra

o    Scorpion

o    Lynx with Pulsar (but not with Sonic Lance)

o    Tiger Shark (Escalation version)

o    Orca Dropship

o    Scythed Hierodule

o    Barbed Hierodule

40K Tournament Format

·         Every scenario has a total of 10 possible points.

·         Whoever has the most points at the end of the game, wins. Equal points is a tie.

·         The tournament is W/L/D format, with accumulated points used to determine standings within a given final bracket. For example, if you end the event with a 4-2 record, you will be ranked within that bracket according to how many battle points you accumulated throughout the event. The official scoring is 1,000pts for a win, 500pts for a tie and then accumulated points within the game. So, a player with a 4-2 record who accumulated 6 points in each of his 6 games would end with a final score of (4,036 points). We score it this way so that the W/L/D record trumps accumulated points, but points earned throughout the tournament matter in determining your precise ranking in the event.

·         Pairings are Swiss style, based on strength of schedule.

·         We will use three of the missions from below.


Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

Rules Judgments

Rules issues will be dealt with swiftly by a roaming judge. We use a hierarchy for determining rules issues as follows:

1.     Main Rule Book

2.     FAQs and Erratas

3.     ITC FAQ

4.     Please note, the change to the 2+ reroll save is still in effect. Ie., any save of any type of a 2+ that can be rerolled is failed on the second roll of a 1,2 or 3.

5.     Consensus of judges present at the time. Please note, that these judgments are final. We are da law!!!


All models must be painted to a 3 color minimum. We count primer as a color. If you have any models that are not painted to a 3 color minimum, you will be ineligible for prize support at the end of the event. Your paint score is determined by the GC 7.5 LITE paint staff.


Sportsmanship will be handled as a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down check box on the results sheet.

The temptation to ding someone on sports after a tough loss is often too much for many players to resist. We therefore are providing a very narrowly defined set of terms under which a player may mark their opponent with a thumbs down mark on sportsmanship. This system is intended to punish those who are being abusive, but to not allow chimpmunking. After a great deal of real world use, we have found this system to work very well.

Legitimate reasons to give an opponent a thumbs down on sports:

1.     Your opponent was 15 or more minutes late to the round.

2.     Your opponent was verbally abusive. This does not mean you argued with your opponent or that your personalities clashed, but that they were verbally abusive and insulting.

3.     Your opponent intentionally cheated. Be prepared to support your case to a judge.

4.     Your opponent slow played. We define slow playing as not completing 3 game turns of play.

5.     In the case of 20 or less minutes left to play, divide the time remaining between players to complete one full GAME turn. Time each other during this period to ensure that each player has an equal amount of time to complete a full game turn. If one player does not finish within their limit, the other player can force them to stop and then begin their turn. This mechanic is in place to ensure no one is slow played out of a turn of play.

What does NOT constitute a thumbs down on sports?

1.     You argued over rules with your opponent.

2.     Your opponent beat you.

3.     You didn’t like your opponent’s army.

4.     Your opponent thinks the Black Lion never should have been the head of Voltron. The Green Lion was way cooler. NERD RAGE!!!

A negative mark on sportsmanship will be met with administrative action as follows:

1.     First thumbs down: A verbal warning from a judge, up to reversing a win to a loss.

2.     Second thumbs down: Reversing a win to a loss, up to disqualification from any prize support.

3.     Third thumbs down: disqualification from any prize support, up to expulsion from the event with no refund of the ticket price.

4.     Fourth thumbs down: Expulsion from the event with no refund of the ticket price.


All models are expected to be WYSIWYG as much as is reasonable. Proxies are not permitted. Counts As armies with counts as allies will only be permitted if they represent a clearly concerted effort to build a unique army around an obvious theme. For example, an Adeptus Mechanicus army using extensive kit bashing and conversions will be fine. If you go this route, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A HANDOUT TO SHOW YOUR OPPONENT THAT SHOWS WHAT EACH UNIT IN YOUR ARMY IS ALONG WITH ITS STATS AND PERTENANT RULES! You must also present this to them prior to the game so that they have time to understand what they are playing against. There will be no exceptions to this.

If your army uses only a single Codex but if for example you have Crimson Fists models using the Blood Angels Codex, or Chaos models using the Space Wolves Codex, that is acceptable. Allies for this type of army however, MUST be represented by their actual models. This is to avoid confusion. No exceptions.

If you are using converted or scratch built models with Forge World rules, this is acceptable so long as your model is as close to the represented model as possible in terms of equipment, size and shape. We will not be lenient with this.

If you have any questions about your army, ask us prior to the event so that we can let you know if what you have will be acceptable or not.

Summoned models must be accurately represented! Again, counts as in a clearly themed list are allowed, but proxies are not.

Modeling for Advantage

There is a fine line between creative freedom and modeling for advantage. We do not wish to stifle anyone’s creativity, but in the end, this is a game that relies heavily upon the physical characteristics of the models being used.

Modeling for advantage will be handled on a case by case basis. To resolve a possible abusive situation, follow these steps:

1.     Ask the player to play the model as if it were a GW standard, modern version.

2.     Call a judge to ask for a judgement.

3.     Possibly substitute the model with an appropriate replacement.

4.     Examples of what we consider modeling for advantage:

5.     Using out of date and inappropriately sized models such as the rogue trader era Eldar Avatar (which currently is a large, monstrous creature model but back then, was the size of a Space Marine, which would now grant huge advantages due to being so much smaller) or Gorka Morka Trukks (which are less than half the size of modern versions). If an army is made predominantly of Rogue Trader era minis (or any era) and is clearly going for a theme, then exceptions will be made. If it appears to a judge that the player is in fact modeling for advantage, then action will be taken.

6.     Increasing or decreasing the size of models to gain an advantage in gaining or granting cover. Custom Battle Wagons often fall into this category.

7.     Altering a model to increase the range of a model or to benefit your LOS.


Hills: All rolling hills are open terrain, granting 4+ cover via LOS blocking/interference as normal but do not count as difficult terrain.

Rock Towers, Crates, and Can Towers: Are impassible and block LOS completely (even if there are actual gaps in the terrain pieces).

All other terrain functions as outlined in the book BRB pg. 108-113.

Terrain Data Slates will not be used for the GC 7.5 LITE 2014.

What to Bring

·         Your Army

·         Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.

·         3 Objective Markers on 25mm bases, 2 Objective Markers on 40mm bases.

·         10 Typed Copies of your army list. Be sure to notate who your Warlord is on your army list.

·         All pertinent rules for your army. Codecis, White Dwarf Articles, Foregworld Rules, etc.


·         A fanny pack, because the chicks dig em!


Prizes will be dependent upon turnout. There will be an award for Best General, Best Paint, Best Sports, and Best Overall. The rest will be raffled. There will also be Best Of awards for that particular faction.


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