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Brad's not here, man.  No-one's seen him since he dropped acid with that dude selling camel's Tuesday night, and started talking about an electric-camel Prius hybrid.  

Verdict is we're waiting for the Fantasy shindig in November to be over, and then we'll have new rules in December, which is not a good league month, so into January for the start.


In the meantime, come play some end ed. Infinity with me!

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Yeah, I started to write a post about the campaign on Monday, but put it aside until I could talk to people about the Fantasy thing.  That tourney is going to dominate a lot of playtime in the runup, and with the 3rd edition rules going on preorder next week (or now, really) it just seems like a good idea to wait until we have that new book to run on.  With as many people either being fairly new or at the very least in good need of rules refreshment we should probably not run something that is going to change halfway through.


So, with the book likely to drop near the end of November, start of December timeframe, and with December being a terrible month to try to arrange a regular schedule, it's really likely not going to happen until the new year.  Sorry, but that's just sorta the state of things.  I had hoped back at the start of summer that their schedule was going to be faster and the book would be out end of september like Icestorm, but it looks like that just didn't happen.

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