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Space marine bike project


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So, after collecting more drop pods than I'll ever need, I decided to start making bikes. Also, this will be my first ever casting project, so we'll see how that goes. :)


Decided if I'm going to be casting a bunch of these, might as well make some modifications. It'll end up being caster in 3 parts: bike, handlebars, and foot rest. Hopefully a two part mold for the body should work. Anyways, here's the original, I'll post when the casts get done. :)




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Are you going to make a gravity fed mold or do you have a pressure setup? It's challenging to get clean casts on small diameter parts such as the handlebars and the edging of the footrest from my experiences with gravity fed molds.


That said, you can still achieve a workable production through quantity of casts, and even if it's not a super clean cast patching it with greenstuff might get you to where you need to be for personal use. Air vent placement is key. Looking forward to seeing how you do!

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