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H: 40k Tau Army W: Paypal


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Hey Guys,


Selling my Tau army on Ebay. The listing can be found here.


It includes:

1x Tau Empire Codex (Latest Edition)

1x Metal Tau Ethereal

1x Fire Warrior Squad with pulse rifles

1x Fire Warrior Squad with pulse carbines

1x Unassembled Fire Warrior Squad

1x Kroot Carnivore Squad with Kroot rifles (12x models)

1x Unassembled Kroot Carnivore Squad (12x models)

10x Metal Pathfinders with carbines

6x Metal Pathfinders with rail rifles

2x Devilfish Transports

2x Gunships (includes two Hammerhead and two Skyray turrets)

6x Stealth suits

2x Crisis Suits

2x Forgeworld Broadside suits

1x Forgeworld battlesuit commander Shas'o R'alai (on 40mm base)

1x Forgeworld battlesuit commander Shas'o R'myr (on 40mm base)

1x Citadel Carrying case (not the double wide case, this holds 3 trays)

10x Assembled drones of various types

12x Unassembled drones



Bases for all unassembled models

Acrylic flying bases for the drones and ships

All of my Tau bits (the sprues fill a land raider box)

All of my Tau transfer sheets

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