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Imperial Guard for sale


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Imperial guard.

The vehicles have their paint status listed next to them. All of it is decently done, but light enough you could just prime over it without stripping.  Infantry is either un painted or done in desert style camo. Looks cool if you are into that style. Mostly Cadians, but some misc other guys sprinkled in.

I want to sell it all as a bundle, $900 obo. (retail prices are noted in the list, for reference.) I am in Vancouver, but Portland is not a problem. email me for fastest response: blackvigil@gmail.com



Forgeworld Vulture (~$80) assembled, no paint

Forgeworld Vanquisher Turret ($20)

Forgeworld Imperial Bombard (~$80)

Foregeworld vanaheim pattern griffon (~$50)

Valkerie/Vendetta ($66) assembled, primed grey

Valkerie/Vendetta ($66) assembled, primed grey

Leman Russ Tank x4 ($200) airbrushed tan

Leman Russ Tank ($50) partially assembled, no paint

Basilisk ($50) black paint

Hydra w/ forgeworld turret ($56)

Medusa ($50) tan airbrush

Hellhound ($50) tan airbrush

Chimera x5 ($170) tan airbrush

Heavy Weapon Teams x8 (~$100)

Colour Sergeant Kell ($21)

Regimental Advisors ($17)

Primaris Psyker ($15)

Straken ($15)

Creed ($19)

Cadian Command Squad x2 ($50)

Inquisitor w/ Inferno and Sword ($16)

Talarn character /w 4 Talarn troopers (~$20)

Infantry w/ misc Special Weapons x26 (~$150)

Infantry w/ lasguns x54 (~$150)


Tons of vehicle sprues with extra bits/parts.
Lots of infantry bits, weapons, and parts.

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