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Peanut's Woodies (Escalation Blog)

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It's been really hard for me to decide how I'm going to paint my Wood Elves. I've only painted Orcs and Goblins and there wasn't a whole lot of choice there - what color do I paint my banner, or what tone do I want for my leather. Here, it seems like everything is my choice. It's been hard to decide! I didn't want to do another green army, and I just haven't been taken by the look of Autumn or Winter Wood Elves. I took Thursday off and devoted much of the day (and a lot of this weekend) to painting up my most important character, my Spellweaver. I decided to go with a "night" theme - dark colors with dark blue being the most prominent. So now that she looks good to me, I'm going to stick with these colors for the rest of the army. At least I know where to start now! Below are images of my weaver.


Note - Any advice would be great. I don't know what I'm doing with bases, I feel like her hair could be more black, and her eyes were so hard!

Note 2 - My camera and photographry skills suck. I'll work on it.




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I've been really trying to make the wardancers work. In certain matchups they really do, especially T3 troops. My army has a strength deficit though. It's really hard for me to beat anything T5 and even T4 is tough. I think the wardancers are much better at higher point games where I have a few more tools in my toolbox, but at this point level they're taking up valuable points that could go towards more useful units. Still, I'm dedicated to them, I want to make them a part of my army. So I think I'm going to add in some wild riders this week and an eagle noble with spear (which is just a really fun model anyway). Here's the list I'm looking at running this week.


         Heroes (284pts)
  • Glade Captain (169pts)

    (BRB) Armour of Fortune (35pts), Arcane Bodkins (5pts), Asrai Longbow, Asrai Spear (2pts), Great Eagle (50pts), Shield (2pts)

  • Spellsinger (115pts)

    Level 2 (35pts)

Core (340pts)
  • 12x Glade Guard (180pts)

    • 12x Trueflight Arrows (36pts)

    • Musician

  • Glade Guard (150pts)
    • 10x Glade Guard (150pts)

      10x Hagbane Tips (30pts)

    • Musician

Special (280pts)

  • 5x Wardancer (75pts)

  • 5x Wardancer (75pts)


  • 5x Wild Riders (130pts)

Rare (245pts)
  • Treeman (245pts)

    Strangleroot (20pts)           

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I LOVE Wardancers in this edition - I run 2 units of 5 with champion at 2500 points, and I like them better than eagles as a chaff unit. I play an Acorn army, and try and place the woods at key strategic points across the battlefield. That way, when the Wardancers enter the woods, they'll be stubborn, have poison (from the Venom thickets), enemy ranks won't count, and the enemy will have to take dangerous terrain tests for entering the forest. This, combined with the 3+ ward save dance means they generally aren't going anywhere for at least a turn. Plus, you can always ask your opponent what their view on the conga  line is - if they see it as a valid tactic, that can provide another turn of survival. If your opponent thinks that conga lines are a horrible abuse of the rules, they're still worth it even without the conga.


At the points you're playing, I can see how they don't fit in quite as well. At higher points value, they are an incredibly useful unit. 

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I actually like your wardancers.  The main problem against my ogres was that, outside of the hunter, you had a big block of ogres coming at you.  As you saw, you were able to generate a few wounds but the attacks I had coming back at you made the difference.  They are great for a supporting charge to the flank, IMO, to get the best from their wardances.

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Tonight's 1300 pt "Hero Hammer" list:


Not sure this will be very effective. Armor and toughness both will be a challenge for me, but I'm not super worried about winning. Running this many shadowdancers just sounds fun. Also, I painted a shadowdancer and 2 wardancers this week, so I want to use them for something!


         Lords (678pts)
  • Glade Lord (298pts)

    (BRB) Armour of Destiny (50pts), (BRB) Luckstone (5pts), (BRB) Ogre Blade (40pts), (BRB) Potion of Foolhardiness (5pts), Asrai Longbow, Great Eagle (50pts), Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Shield (3pts)


  • Treeman Ancient (380pts)

    Level 4 (70pts), Strangleroot (20pts)

Heroes (605pts)
  • Shadowdancer (175pts)

    (BRB) Channelling Staff (15pts), Level 1 Wizard - Lore of Shadow (60pts)


  • Shadowdancer (125pts)

    (BRB) Glittering Scales (25pts)


  • Shadowdancer (185pts)

    (BRB) Dispel Scroll (25pts), Level 1 Wizard - Lore of Shadow (60pts)


  • Shadowdancer (120pts)

    (AB) The Bow of Loren (20pts)           

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