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Loot Crate stuff to good home(s)


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Hello Warhamsters,


My son Dawson subscribes to this thing called "Loot Crate" and every month he gets stuff.  Some stuff he likes and keeps, some stuff doesn't tickle his fancy and he tries to give it good homes.  He and I were talking and he figured that some of you fine folks probably like some of this stuff and thus he'd like to give it a good home.  If you're interested, please post here which item you'd like so I can drop it off at DTG or BPD or whatever for you.


He doesn't mind folks getting more than one thing but will give preference to a different person if someone who already got one thing asks for another, if that makes sense.  Spread the wealth kinda thing.  If you're curious as to what things look like, Google-fu is your friend.  You've seen my horrible attempts at posting pics.



Yarbicus 10/12



Fix 10/12



An Ash action figure from the motion picture Alien, sealed.  The figure case reads Funco ReAction figure.

Yarbicus if no one else has a fancy.  10/12



FriendlyCommissar 10/18



VonVilkee 10/14



Bag of watermelon Pop Rocks.



Halo Dark Horse Escalation #1-3 digital edition comic code.



Anyhow, he was thinking that some of you might like these items so please let me know if you'd like them.


Thanks and stay safe,



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Hello there,


Dawson says he is willing to "ship if it's not too big a hassle."  My translation of that is if it's inexpensive, as he's pretty frugal with his funds. 


Yarbicus is now on point for the Tribble, with second dibs on the Ash figure.


Fix has staked claim to the Mal figure.  I can drop that off at DTG and would prefer to see you in person, since we haven't been able to game yet!  :(


I'll edit the original post to show those two items gone.


Stay safe,



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I'll play a game, sure!  I have done ZERO painting or converting since summer however so my apologies on the blandness of it all.  Been super busy with everything but 40k.


Probably an after-dinner-hours type of meeting, right?


T'was my thinking, yep.  Six-thirty or seven Tuesday?

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