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Objective Marker Update


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So time for community input.


I'm thinking about updating the Markers to be a bit more Grimdark.  Nothing race specific.  Does anyone play with hidden objectives anymore?  It's a pain to design around, but if it's valid I'll still do it.


Feedback is king here.  If you don't comment you can't complain.

I do, but I'd also be unlikely to buy any pre-made objectives.


In terms of hidden objectives, we've got the ones that are placed and have in-game value based on predetermined numbering for the objectives. We also have mysterious objectives, which rely on additional traits randomly rolled for the existing objective markers.


For suggestions, making a "rectangle" that can hold two dice, while functioning as a single number without dice inserted would be perfect. That way, it's a simple numbered objective when you don't need the extra complication, but can adapt. Ideal sizing would be for the chessex small dice (same as GW small dice), as they are very common.


Beyond that, it would be easy to make the objective marker function rectangle in many normal terrain designs without looking out of place.

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Actually the rules have changed on night fighting, it only happens on turn 1 and only if one player wants to roll for it. If both players dont want to night fight then no roll is made.

If a roll is made and turn one is not night fight, you roll again later. So a reminder for the late game roll is important as it is unlikely to be necessary.

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