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Bad Burrito Brawl

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So I talked to RD and a few others about this mission and I want to get people's thoughts on it.


"Your army ate at Señor Nurglitos burrito shack last night and something just ain't right down below. You must get your army to the outhouses in time."





Special: Each player mark a suitable piece of terrain to be the outhouses/latrines. Place this terrain 36 inches from the Long side deployment and 24 inches from the short table sides.( for the spatially impaired that means your objectives are dead center of your opponents deployment zone)


Objectives: No VPs are awarded for destroying models in this mission. At the start of ANY movement phase if a unit is in contact with their objective, remove it from the table and immediately score full VPs for that unit.


Game length: This game uses random.game duration starting at the end of turn 4 (5+, 4+, 3+)



Why this is fun: you score nothing for beating units, killing units, or being awesome. It's all about how well you can score and keep your opponent from scoring.

If you dash for it and leave yours open you will lose and vice versa.

Drawbacks: yes faster armies have some advantage but castle armies are.not fun for anyone so a moot point.



More VPs off the table: +5

Most units off the table: +2

No units off the table: 0

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